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F1 2018 Achievement Guide

Become immersed in the world of Formula 1® more than ever before.Build your reputation both on and off the track, with time-pressured media interviews that influence your F1 career path.

F1 2018 Achievement Guide

This is an achievement guide for F1 2018, helping you get 100%. Most of the achievements are basic, but hopefully I can provide a easier way to achieve some.

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The achievements in the game are colour coded, With no meanigful point system in steam.

  • Bronze – Easy Achievement (38)
  • Silver – Slightly harder (10)
  • Gold – Hardest (2)


The majority of achievements in the game are based in career mode. A few of which are time trials and the last remaining few are multiplayer. I’m going to add all miscellaneous achievements into the Career section, at the bottom!

Out of the gates
Description: Complete a valid qualifying lap using the Hotlap ERS deployment mode

From humble beginnings
Description:Complete your first Practice Programme

How to: While starting a career, you’ll soon learn about “practice programme” Just complete one and this will pop up, Hard to miss.

Something to prove
Description: Accept a contract with Toro Rosso, Williams or Sauber

How to: When you start, one of the first things you do in career mode is choose your first team, If you’re like me, then you’d have gone for the smaller teams, Choose one of the said teams and this will pop up.Also works later in game as offers, Check “Contender” For same details.

Description: Accept a contract with Renault, Haas, McLaren or Force India

How to: A bit into your career you’ll get offfers for other teams, If one of the above come up, Accept. Also works from career start.

Great expectations
Description: Accept a contract with Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull

How to: Same as “Contender” and “Something to prove” Either choose as a team to start with or accept a contract with any of the said teams later in the career.

Stepping up
Description: Achieve a podium finish in any game mode

How to: Come first in a Career race, To make this easier, set Ai to lowest possible. You can also do this in Multiplayer.

Best seat in the house

Description: Take pole position

How to: Get into first postion in Career, Lewis H is usually in front, Get past him and stay in front for a lap or two, Should pop up.

Back on track

Description: Complete a lap at Hockenheim

How to: This can be done in career or time trial. As said, do a lap on Hockenheim in any car.

I expect the best and I give the best

Description: Earn maximum Resource Points during Practice

How to: While in practice after starting career, You’ll notice you can get rewards and data based off doing certain things on track, Complete them all and you’ll get all “resource points” Achievement yours.

A new challenger appears

Description: Take your first win in any full season

How to: In career, you’ll do a season, Each race will give you points, if you get more points than anyone else you will be in 1st (Simple enough) Come first in any full season , Does not mean first for every race, just that you finish first by the last race.

Stick or shift

Description: With manual gears enabled race a car with a non sequential gearbox

How to: In either career or Multiplayer, Go into a race with a car that has non sequential gearbox and do manual gears, A and X for gears on controller, On wheel flappy paddle still works.

Welcome to the real world

Description: Complete any race with all assists disabled

How to: Turn off all assists, set ai to the lowest possible, drive with care and with a bit of skill and luck you should be able to win. Works in Multiplayer too, So get a friend to sit there while you win a race is another option.

Go Team!

Description: Obtain an upgrade at a reduced cost due to good morale

How to: In interviews, you’re options of responses change the morale of the team, Good morale is the key here, at one point you’ll gett a reduced cost for a upgrade and the achievement will pop.

Seriously, JEFF!

Description: Politely ask your Race Engineer to stop talking to you out on track

How to: When he starts to talk while you’re on track, One of the menu options will be to silence him. You can do this in any mode, so whatever you find easiest.

Flattery will get you anywhere

Description: Negotiate a new contract

Inspiring confidence

Description: Receive a promotion to first driver

How to: Race well and do all the objectives, you’ll soon get the promotion.

Purple Rain

Description: Achieve a perfect result in a Practice Programme in wet weather

How to: While doing the practice programme, get all perfect results, However make sure it’s raining. if the forecast is rain all day, a good chance to do it. Can be done in any mode.

It’s show time

Description: Complete an event

How to: Self explanitory, Complete an event, Don’t have to come first, Just finish.

Clean sweep

Description: Set the fastest time in all 3 Practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix

How to: In career, you’ll have 3 practice sessions, get the fastest time in all 3, in qualifing set fastest time for pole and then win the race. Easier if ai is set to lowest setting, Race well.


Description: Finish in the points at Le Castellet in a Renault

How to: While at “le Castellet” in a Renault, get in the top half of the leaderboard to score atleast 1 point.

Use it or lose it

Description: Finish a race with a fully depleted battery

How to: Keep using DRS.

On your left

Description: Finish on the podium after being eliminated in Q1

How to: Purposley get elminated in Q1, go on to win the race, you’ll be back of pack so set ai to easiest setting.

Career Extended

For Thomas

Description: Win the Spanish Grand Prix with Kimi Räikkönen

How to: Win a Spanish Grand Prix with Kimi as a teammate.

The winner takes it all

Description: Obtain a gold medal in a championship

How to: In either career or Multiplayer, Win a Gold medal in a championship, Come first.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Description: Complete a race using four different tyre compounds

How to: This is easiest done in a career race with rain. Start with softs, go to wets when it rains, and in between the other 2 stops have hards and intermediates, You might struggle to win but you should get the achievement easily.

Seen the sights

Description: Complete a Full Season of 21 Races in Career or Championships Mode

How to: As it says, do a full season of 21 races, You do not have to win, Just complete.

Bright Spark

Description: Generate enough energy through ERS to power a light bulb for a year

How to: Keep using ERS, Setting this up on long races and to continue using it, This will be a long progression achievement, focus on this last.

Streets ahead

Description: Win the Drivers’ Championship at USA, or earlier

How to: As it says, Win before America.

As good as it gets

Description: Apply all vehicle upgrades from one department

How to: Youhave 4 departments of Research, Complete one section of the tree, fully.

Best laid plans

Description: Lose an upgrade due to a regulation change

How to: While in career, One or more of your upgrades may get regulated, You may lose it. When that happens, it will pop up.

It’s in there somewhere

Description: Finish a race with a missing gear

How to: Set Damage to full, with a fully damaged or heavily damaged gearbox, you may lose a gear, Carry on and finish the race, you do not have to win.

Matching a legend

Description: Obtain 41 podium finishes in Career Mode

How to: Get in the top 3 positions in over 41 races, throughout your career.

There’s no “I” in team

Description: Win the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship

How to: Same as “Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it” Just a different Championship.

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it

Description: Win the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship

How to: Win the Formula 1 Drivers championship. Setting ai to lowest will make this easier.

Miscellaneous Achievements

It’s still good, it’s still good

Description: Use a Flashback

How to: While in a Race, any race press the Flashback button and continue.

It’s the little things

Description: Use the Multi Function Display to adjust your set-up while on track

How to: While on track, Practice or qualifing, there will be a option to adjust minor setting to the car.

It’s about time

Description: Set a clean lap in any Time Trial

How to: In Time trial mode, Set one clean lap, Doesn’t have to be fast. Just clean!


Description: Take a picture using Photo Mode

How to: in any mode, press start and go to photo mode, Take a picture of anything (Car is a good one) and the achievement will pop up.

Patent pending

Description: Set a valid Time Trial lap with a set up taken from a rival ghost

How to: Go on time trail, Get the setup of someones ghost and set the ghost on track too, set a valid time, You do not need to beat his/her time.

Quick as a flash

Description: Achieve a reaction time of less than 0.16 Seconds off the grid with race starts set to manual

How to:  Any mode with standing starts, as soon as the lights go green, within 0.16 of a second set off the line with a manual gearbox in assists. May take a few goes but it’s possible.

The 1.6% club

Description: Win a 25% + distance race against ‘Ultimate’ AI opponents

How to: In any race mode, set the ai to ultimate, will say in at set % and set the race length to 25% or more, win the race. this is skill based, Chose your fave track/car combo and try your best.

Right place, right time

Description: Finish on the podium at Singapore in Fernando Alonso’s McLaren

How to: While in Fernando’s Mclaren, at singapore, finish in the top 3. Any mode.

Superficially familiar

Description: Complete a race in a classic Lotus at the Circuit of the Americas

How to: In any mode, Setup a race for the classic lotus 98 and Circuit of the americas and complete the race, Do not have to win.

Making inroads

Description: Complete a race at every short track

How to: This will come in time, but if you’re after it quickly, setup a short race on every short track (or all tracks) and complete each one, any car. I’d start from top to bottom with tracks to keep “track”


These are the online achievements, consiting of a bit of skill, a friend is helpful, time and patience and most importantly, internet connection!

Every artist was first an amateur

Description: Obtain a Skill Rating in Multiplayer

How to: While racing on multiplayer, you’ll gain a Skill rating for speed, time, clean driving. Just race online.

Safety first

Description: Obtain a Safety Rating of ‘A’ in Multiplayer

How to: Go on multiplayer, Drive safe,don’t crash or ram. Should soon go up to “A”

Aces High

Description: Obtain a rank of 11 Online

How to:  View “The Trooper”

The Trooper

Description: Obtain a rank of 25 Online

How to: Keep on Racing, You’ll get there (Multiplayer lobby) Boosting with a friend might proof faster but unknown, Just keep Racing, drive fair and legit, you don’t have to win them all. Also gets “Aces High” after 11 Ranks.


Description: Win a total of 4 Online Races

How to: Get 1st in 4 Races online, Easier with friends who will let you win, otherwise, plan between random people or get good and win honestly.

More to come

Description: Complete a Race in an Online Championship

How to: While in Multiplayer lobby, setup a Championship with a friend or randoms, And complete it, You don’t have to win but you do need to finish. Easy enough, just a bit time consuming. Set laps to minimum for easyness.

Written by Justabit_Ginger

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