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F1 2018 List of Voice Commands

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F1 2018 List of Voice Commands

This is a list of voice commands that can be given to your engineer during play by holding down the radio button, (LB by default on Xbox controller). A working microphone is obviously required.

Voice Commands

  • box this lap
  • full race update
  • driver in front
  • driver behind
  • who am i racing
  • tyre status
  • vehicle condition
  • weather report
  • fuel information
  • pit stop information
  • set hard tyres
  • set medium tyres
  • set soft tyres
  • set super soft tyres
  • set ultra soft tyres
  • set intermediates
  • set full wets
  • adjust wing up
  • set wing balance
  • change wing down
  • team mate status
  • rival status
  • fastest lap overall
  • best lap update
  • last lap time
  • championship standings
  • engineer quiet
  • engineer talk
  • engineer repeat
  • fewer updates
  • more updates
  • shut up jeff
  • leave me alone
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