F1 2019: PS4 Controls

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F1 2019, the official videogame, challenges you to defeat your rivals in the most ambitious F1 game in Codemasters’ history. F1 2019 features all the official teams, drivers and all 21 circuits from the season. This year sees the inclusion of F2 with players able to compete in the 2018 season.

F1 2019 PS4 Controls

Every control option on the PS4 of F1 2019.

ActionPlayStation 4
Camera Free LookR
Look BackR3
Change CameraR1
Radio & Voice CommandsL1
Brake / ReverseL2
Gear Down
Activate DRS
Gear UpX
Evade / Jump (When near a ledge)L + X
Multi Function Display (MFD)
MFD Shortcut / NavigationD-Pad
Pause MenuOptions

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  1. Is there any “motion control” in PS4 using DS4?
    like GT Sport there are Motion Control.
    I’d love to know it.
    Thank you

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