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F1 2019 Setup Cheat Sheet (Problem/Solution)

This is not just another copy of the in-game setup texts, but complex setup cheat sheet that will help you find the solution to your on-track issue. It’s somewhat similar to what I used during my real-life karting years.

Setup Cheat Sheet

How to use the cheat-sheet

At the bottom, there is a table showing the way I prefer to start working on a new setup:

  1. Start by finding one of the pre-set setups
  2. Adjust wings & Ride Height
  3. Brakes
  4. Transmission
  5. Suspension&Geometry
  6. Tyre Pressure (this I usually do in Practice, not in Time Trial mode)

The Cheat-sjeet itself is devided into corner Entry, Mid and Exit, providing a solution to any upcoming issues that might occur.

The text in red shows what might happen, when you over-correct the issue.

There is also a part in italics which shows how to adjust the setup for rain. You might also try to adress the setup from beginning, but when the rainy event takes you by surprise, these are the basic adjustments.

Hope this guide helps you in finding your own setup or in adjusting any of the setups you found online to match your preferences.

Feel free to drop me a line if there are any mistakes or your opinions on the settings are different. I will update the guide with further details.

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Good luck and see you on the track!

f1 2019 setup cheat sheet

Written by o.spanik

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