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Fading Afternoon Achievement Guide

Fading Afternoon has many achievements tied to different story routes, as well as combat related ones. With this guide I’ll try and help you out to get all of them.

Fading Afternoon Achievement Guide

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideRumble Mode
It’s unlocked automatically.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideKnives
Disarm 100 enemies with knives. The easiest way is to punch and then quickly go into defense mode (X), then pressing A button when they attack you.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideSwords
Kill 100 enemies with a sword. As with the knives, you have to disarm first the enemies and then kill enemies with the stolen sword. They are cumulative, you don’t have to kill 100 enemies with only 1 sword (that would be impossible). To disarm the swordsmen punch them, this will push them backwards, so before entering defense mode and disarming them, you have to close the distance.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideBottles
Shoot 100 bottles. This is quite tricky. First you have to disarm an enemy with a gun. You can do it by approaching them in defense stance (keep pressing X), then press A and back. This way you’ll get his gun ready to shoot. When an enemy with a bottle appears, wait for him to throw it at you, then shoot. You’ll have to do it 100 times and considering the enemy combination is quite rare, it will require you a little bit of grinding in fighting areas. I’ll suggest going for the Tanaka territories, the enemies with guns and bottles are usually those.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideGrappler
Perform all grappling techniques. When you approach an enemy, you can grab them and do grappling techniques. To do them, when you grab an enemy, press the following for 4 different grappling techniques:

  • UP, UP

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideInterception
Intercept 100 attacks. This will come naturally, just stay in defense mode and press A when an enemy attacks.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideThe end
See the end. You just have to keep on playing, this will unlock automatically.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideOffice
Get your own office. During one of the first cutscene, Azuma will ask you to go and take care of something at the Construction site, which will be unlocked on the map. You HAVE to go on the same day the cutscene appears, during afternoon or evening. You will witness a scene there, and then you will have an office for your “hard work”.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideBeat Takeshi
Do it like Kitano. When you buy a gun at the Pawn shop, you can point it at your head. Press RB and X to draw the weapon, then keep pressing X to point it, press UP to point it at your head and fire. Kitano style.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Harada, Oyabun and King of beasts achievements can be obtained all in one run. Follow instructions down below, starting with Oyabun achievement.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideOyabun
Kill the Oyabun. To trigger the event, you have to actively pursue Harada territories. When you get all of them, Harada will appear just outside your house or hotel. He will challenge you to a fight and you’ll have to beat him. DO NOT LEAVE THE AREA OR EXIT THE GAME. If you do, you’ll lose your chance. Fight Harada and defeat him. Next, you’ll have to interact with him at the Baseball batting centre 2 times. There will be two cutscenes. At this point Harada will randomly appear and ask you to jump on the bike. Do it and follow through his plan, killing the Oyabun in the sento will give you the achievement. Follow up in the next achievement.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideHarada
Kill Harada. Now that you killed the Oyabun, an all out battle ensues all over the map. You’ll have to fight in different areas for two days. Then you’ll go to the Oyabun headquarters, where you’ll fight Harada with his goons. After defeating them, DO NOT ENTER THE VILLA. Harada will still move, approach him and press the X button. He will talk to you and you’ll get the achievement.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideKing of beasts
Become the oyabun. After you dealt with Oyabun and Harada, you may now enter the villa and become the Oyabun, you’ll get the achievement soon after.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideAzuma
Kill Azuma. This is quite simple. Buy a gun at the pawn shop then go to Azuma’s office. When in front of him, try to go over his side, then press X and A at the same time. Seiji will bow. Keep doing it until Azuma comes on your side and slaps you. At this point you can take your gun out and shoot.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideTanaka
Kill Tanaka. Get your office, go to the countryside with Kato and while doing that, actively attack Tanaka territories (the green ones). When you take all of them, a cutscene will occur where Kato, Seiji and Azuma go to Oyabun’s villa to meet with Tanaka. At this point, you’ll have a choice to make. DO NOT SLAP KATO when required. This will activate a new cutscene with Azuma later on. You’ll be in the Mahjong parlor and Tanaka will ask you to kill Kato shooting at him. While you have the gun pointed at Kato DO NOT PRESS RB to shoot. Instead, keep pressing BACK and then SHOOT. There will be no visual cue, so be sure to keep pressing BACK to shoot Tanaka instead. This will give you the achievement.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideKato
Kill Kato. Just as in Kill Tanaka, when prompted to kill Kato just shoot at him. This will give you the achievement.

Fading Afternoon Achievement GuideAndo
Kill Ando. To access this route, you have to speak with Azuma a total of 9 times. Everytime you sit down and speak to him, a white star will appear above his head. Do it three times and you’ll see a cutscene. Do it three more times and you’ll see a new cutscene. Lastly, do it three more times and you’ll be locked into a route where you’ll have to kill Ando in his turf.

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