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Fall Guys How to be a master of slime climb

How to be a master of slime climb

This is an extensive guide on how to conquer slime climb, and how to remain victorious through your many ventures on this painful slime-tastic stage!

Section 1: Starting off

Before consulting this guide you should be capable and familiar with the basic movement of the game; (jumping, climbing, diving etc). Slime climb is a “race” level that involves navigating over obstacles to reach the finish line, all while racing to avoid the impending doom that is the pink slime beneath you.

I view slime climb as having 5 specific levels:

  • Level 1: this consists of yellow bouncy triangles and the 3 “pushers”
  • Level 2: this level consists of falling boulders and the two longer “pushers”
  • Level 3: this consists of yellow conveyor belts, the tall bouncy pink inflatables that move from side to side and 3 yellow cylinders
  • Level 4: this consists of revolving hammers and 4 shorter “pushers”
  • Level 5: this final level consists of the same bouncy pink inflatables as level 3, they move from side to side and are accompanied by a slippery liquid. Level 5 also has 3 ‘swinging boulders’ that are above the same slippery liquid.

This is just a list of what you’ll be experiencing during this stage.

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Section 2: How to beat the stage (beginners)

In section 2 I will show you my “optimal” route for finishing the slime climb level. This is just how I complete it and at least in my case it seems to work most of the time.

Level 1 route: To start off, whether you are at the front or the back, this skip has a high chance of working. However, being in the back while everyone in your lobby knows the skip is pretty much instant death if you are sent flying.
Make your way to the yellow bouncy triangle that is directly underneath the second pusher. Your vertical jump is high enough and so you can scale the object. After this direct you bounce to the right of the pusher. Getting past the third pusher just requires you to time your walk correctly.

Level 2 route: This level is pretty simple, and can only get annoying if there and many people. Start by walking up the slope while avoiding the falling boulders. Sticking to the right is usually your best bet and will help with the next skip.
You are going to want to jump in the gap between the ramp and the first pusher. A jump in combination with a dive will allow you to get onto the platform underneath the first pusher. Make sure to time this jump correctly because sometimes the cycle of the second pusher will always guarantee pushing you off.

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Level 3 route: For level 3 you”ll want to stick to the right side of the conveyor. Try and move diagonally with your camera facing forwards so you actively move forward and fight against the pushing force from the conveyor. There should be a gap underneath the 3 yellow cylinders that you can go into to protect yourself from the pushing pink things.
After making your way to the ramp, jump between the two cylinders onto it. Make an 180 degree turn and face the yellow cylinders. It doesn’t matter how you get over it, all it takes is a little bit getting used to. Staying in the middle of them will help.

Level 4 route: Probably the most straight forward level. There are big gaps between most of hammers, and even if you are about to be hit, you can just jump as you go high enough. You can skip a small part of the hammer section by just jump-diving past the yellow wall, but you will probably get knocked off. Continue on and you’ll encounter 4 pushers that are thinner than the previous ones. You can avoid some more walking by performing a jump+dive onto the platform underneath the first pusher to skip it. Just be patient with your timing and try not to rush and you’ll be fine.

Level 5 route: This level in my opinion has the highest risk out of all of the levels. This is because if you stay to the right side, there is a high chance you’ll get knocked into the slime by the bouncy pink things. My advice is to stay in the middle and time it properly. This can be difficult sometimes as controlling your momentum while sliding can be pretty hard.
The swinging boulders are of similar risk as there is really no room for error. Timing is also key here. After clearing that section the finish line is practically a cake walk away so have fun with your newly acquire purposeful existence.

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Section 3: How to beat the stage (champion)

Section 3 highlights how to beat this stage like the giga-chad gaming champion that you were always meant to be.

  • Step 1: press the esc key (or the corresponding button on controller that brings you to the menu)
  • Step 2: quit the lobby and never come back. Slime climb is an eternal curse that will plague you for the rest of existence.
  • Step 3 (essential): delete slime climb from the list of possible maps in your game files because slime climb with 50 people is a terrible experience that no one should bear witness to a great and balanced stage

Congrats on making it to the end!
Be sure to use these tips and tricks next time you play the slime climb level.

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