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Fall Guys Tips for consistently reaching final stage

Hey guys, i beta tested this game and won a few times there, so i have a few general tips to become consistent in this game and almost always reach the last stage.

Tips for consistently reaching final stage

  1. Dont grab anyone.
  2. When there is a very crowded space, you should jump + lunge forward so you wont get stuck or trip.
  3. Always play it safe and avoid people in race maps, most people in this game try to rush and that only make them trip with eachother.
  4. Dont go for shortcuts, unless you are dead last and really need that boost.
  5. In team games, it´s mostly all about luck and not having a bad team, but if your team is bad, try to sabotage the other team and let your team do something (For example in the egg minigame, try to steal eggs of other guys)
  6. In tail chasing minigames, try to always stick with another guy with a tail, so if someone comes after you, he may go chase the other guy and leave you alone.
  7. In the minigame where you have to jump across rings to earn points, you should stay on the end of the stage where there are two ramps high up and a hole in the middle. Lots of rings will be there and you will mostly be alone so you will not have to fight other guys and trip over people to get the point.
  8. In the jinxed minigame, you should try to get infected ASAP and start infecting people, if you start doing this i guarantee that you will win most of the times.
  9. Try to have fun, its a simple and fun game.

It’s end. I hope “Fall Guys Tips for consistently reaching final stage” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

Written by Robbie

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