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Fallout 4 – How to create a powerful laser-rifle

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a while now, and have recently desided to make a guide on how to create a powerful and balanced sniper + assault Laser-Rifle.


So, before we can build this, we need either a Laser Rifle or a Laser Pistol. You can buy a Laser Pistol or two in Diamond City, or you can buy the Legendary Laser Pistol at Diamond City. You’ll also need the Science!, Gun Nut, Armorer, and Blacksmith perks, as well as a few things for crafting.


Now, we’ll need to go to a workbench where we can modify guns. The first thing we’ll need to be making, is a stock. However, if you are using a rifle instead of a pistol you wont need to make that. Now we’ll need a scope. I reccomend a Medium or Long scope. Next, we need the Automatic Barrel, and something to increase ammo capacity. After that, we’ll be needing one of the Gyrosphere muzzles. We’ll also be needing a LOT of Fusion Cells.

Testing + End

Alright, now we’ll need to test this. If you don’t have enough ammo (or just want to keep your ammo) then press the tilde key (assuming you’re using the American keyboard) which looks like this ~. Now, type in tgm and press “enter”. If you don’t want to use commands, then don’t do that step. Now, find something to shoot (I reccomend a raider or something like that) and shoot it. If you don’t like the way this looks, then feel free to edit this. All this gun is, is a replica of my Laser Rifle but you obviously don’t have to remake my weapon if you feel like you can make a better version.

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