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Fallout 76 – Advanced Tips

Advanced Tips

  • Bobbleheads and Magazines are no longer permanent buffs. They’ll enter your inventory and you can choose when to get a temporary (but lengthy) bonus. Finding the same type of collectible can refresh that bonus before it runs out – so use it wisely when entering dangerous territory.
  • While Thirst and Hunger meters move fairly slow, keeping yourself well fed and well hydrated give you small stat bonuses, so it’s worth it to constantly be eating and drinking food recipes.
  • If you see critters scampering about, don’t dismiss them. Even Opossums carry meat you can cook for stat bonuses, and since they don’t fight back, that’s a free meal!
  • Inspect fallen logs whenever you can to obtain wood – which is needed for cooking most food recipes.
  • You can step into any large body of water and collect dirty water instead of just drinking it, which is good to stockpile to then boil and purify, or use in cooking.
  • Free up your Perk Card slots from situational events like Lockpicking or Hacking until you find locked chests and terminals, then swap cards, and swap back once you’ve finished.
  • Don’t be afraid to fight something higher level than you. Higher level enemies might do more damage, but they don’t always have a lot more health or armor – a level 20 Bloatfly can still be killed quickly, but can kill you a lot quicker.
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  • Power Armor Frames can be found out in the world, often next to Power Armor Stations. If you find one, quickly transfer any armor plates that you can’t equip yet into your inventory so that you can enter the frame. Once you do so, no one else can take your frame, even if you step out. When you do exit your owned Power Armor frame, you can put it into your inventory – or it will automatically transfer to your inventory after a few minutes or if you leave the area, so that you can never lose it.
  • Resting in a bed can give you a slight bonus if you do so for awhile, just remember to sleep in a bed with a frame that’s off the ground to avoid getting diseases.
  • If a location seems oddly empty, look at your map for any players who may have explored, looted, and killed everything just moments before – you may want to wait a bit for things to respawn before committing to fully exploring that area.
  • Public Workshops can be tempting to claim for yourself, but remember that other players can fight for control, and waves of enemies will eventually spawn to force you to defend your land, which may be hard on your own.
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