Fallout 76 – Belly Of the Beast Walkthrough

Fallout 76 Walkthrough

Belly Of the Beast

You are going to need your Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio for this Fallout 76 main quest. Head to the waypoint and when you enter the quest boundary use the radio for signal strength.

Transponder Locations
You will find the first transponder atop the bridge near the center of the circle. Sync with it and then head to the east for the second one.

The second transponder is found right next to the crashed aircraft. Sync with it and head for the third one. The third Transponder is at Survey Camp Alpha and is right next to the crashed aircraft.

The fourth Transponder is atop the Drop Site V9. Sync with it and then go to the east towards Glassed Caverns.

Glassed Caverns is a dangerous place and also the home to the fifth Transponder. You will fight the Scrchbeast and its minions to get to the transponder. It’s not going to be easy so be prepared. Once the beast is defeated check the Transponder and Taggerdey’s Bod and return to Fort Defiance.

Take the elevator to the fourth floor and use Taggedy’s Terminal and select the “Ultimate Solution” to complete the quest.

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