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Fallout 76 – Bureau of Tourism Walkthrough

Bureau of Tourism

Bureau of Tourism is one of the many side quests in Fallout 76. In this side quest, all you have to do is find the Grafton’s Mayor, talk to him and follow some of the instructions he might be giving.

He, fundamentally, wants you to fix the four main attractions of the town. These attractions are Wary Wilard’s, the Clarksburg Shooting Range, Prickett’s Fort, and the Black Bear hunting lodge.

There is no time limit for you; you can complete the side-quest any time you wish, without any problems. While you are in Grafton, you can also tune into WGRF Grafton radio to complete the Misc. Quest “Tune into WGRF Grafton Radio”.

Possible Quest Rewards

  • A Set of Modded Armor Called the Trail Warden
  • Components
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item

Grafton Town

Grafton is located just northeast of Vault 76, to the direct north of Moundsville Penitentiary. Another thing to note is that you can follow Road 92 towards Road 96 to get here.

You can find the mayor in one of the buildings, on the second floor. You will find the mayor here. Activate the mayor and he will give you some tasks.

There is an ‘Overseer’s Cache’ right beside him, and another locked crate on the first floor, so do loot them when you get the chance.

Clarksburg Shooting Range

The closest task here is the Clarksburg Shooting Range. Just head northeast of Grafton and towards the first building.

You will have to find 10 beer bottles. These beer bottles can be found in the cafeteria/waiting lounge area of the location. Some bottles are on the table, while some are lying down on the ground.

Black Bear Hunting Lodge

To the northeast of Grafton, even further north of Clarksburg Shooting Range is the Black Bear Hunting Lodge.

You will have to find and “Repair Black Bear Lodge check-in terminal”. Enter the marked house and head upstairs. You will find the lodge check-in terminal here.

You need 1x Screw and 1x Circuitry to repair this terminal. You will also find a Daily Quest “Big Game Hunter” in the basement.

Wary Wilard’s Waterpark

One of the four tasks that the mayor will give you is to “Open the water valve at Wavy Wilard’s Waterpark”.

Head north of Grafton towards the crocodile waterpark on the map. You will find the water valve here. More information will be added later on.

Prickett’s Fort

The farthest objective is the Prickett’s Fort. This location is directly east of Wary Wilard’s Waterpark and towards the road 97. Head here and complete the objective “Repair Prockett’s Fort token dispenser”. More information will be added later on.

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