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Fallout 76 – Collect Heating Coils Walkthrough

Collect Heating Coils

Next you will need to get your hands on a few Heating Coils located all around The Mire area. Luckily the first one is located in Abbie’s Bunker, so warp or walk back over there and grab it from inside her bunker.

Next you need to head to Ella Ames’ Bunker, located in a swamp southwest of Abbie’s Bunker. Once inside you will find yet another nearly identical bunker. Find the quest marked cabinet and grab the Heating Coil inside.

The final coil can be found at Relay Tower LW-B1-22, located northeast of the ATLAS Observatory. The tower will likely be guarded by a swarm of Super Mutants, so take them out and head inside. There is some scattered loot here so grab whatever you want, then find the final Heating Coil inside the marked toolbox.

Next up is Upgrade the Motors.

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