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Fallout 76 – Deploying the Uplink Module Walkthrough

The next task Modus will assign you has you heading towards the National Radio Astronomy Research Center in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.

This location, according to Modus, is the best spot to place an Enclave Uplink Module. Once inside, fight your way through any Scorched that may be present and head to the stairwell in the north end of the building. This stairwell will lead you directly to the roof of the Radio research center.

Head to the radio dish control panel and insert the uplink module you received from Modus.

This will connect him to the radio dish and give him an even stronger connection to Appalachia, even allowing him to send a resource drop crate as a thank you for your hard work.
The crate will be dropped nearby by an enclave vertibird. Head towards the drop and be ready to fight any super mutants that may be in the area. Inside the crate will be an Orbital Scan Beacon and an Orbital Strike Beacon, two new resources available to you thanks to your hard work for the enclave.
  • Orbital Scan Beacon: Will scan all threats in a placed area for 30 seconds, revealing them to you
  • Orbital Strike Beacon: Will mark enemies in a placed area for 30 seconds and then issue an orbital strike to dispose of them.

Once you collect the items from the supply drop, return to The Whitespring Bunker and interact with the Modus terminal once again. Modus will be proud of what you accomplished and officially invite you to join the Enclave, granting you access to the Science, Military, and Communications wings of the bunker.

This completes the mission One of Us and begins your first assignment as an official Enclave operative, Congratulations! Modus will give you your rewards for the quest and instruct you to head to the military wing of the bunker, beginning the quest Back to Basic.

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