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Fallout 76 – Finding Defiance Quest Walkthrough

Finding Defiance Quest

Possible Quest Rewards

  • Photo Frame: The Brotherhood!
  • Brotherhood Fatigues
  • Short Gatling Gun
  • 5mm Round x140
  • Plan: Protective Lining BoS Underarmor
  • Radaway x6

Travel towards Camp Venture (Pictured Above) the only location on the map that can lead you to the mysterious Fort Defiance. When you arrive, be ready to fight a horde of high level Schorched enemies, including Believers, Zealots, and Wanderers. You may even run into a Feral Ghoul or two.

There is a nice rock ledge that over looks the camp facing the East Side. This ledge can provide a nice tactical advantage to thin out a few of the Schorched inside the camp.

Once you feel comfortable, start to walk into the camp and continue to clear out the hostile forces remaining.

Investigating the barracks inside the camp will provide junk to scrap for crafting materials, and notes to provide a better a picture of camp Venture’s final days.

In the west corner of the camp, there is an office behind a locked Skill: 1 Command Center Access Terminal. Hack the terminal to unlock the Camp Venture Offices.

Right when you enter, there is an ammo crate to loot, and there may even be crafting plans for a piece of armor on the shelf beneath. Continue inside and you will find an Overseer’s Cache and a Steamer Trunk. On the table in the center of the room you will find the Brotherhood of Steel Commander’s Terminal. Accessing this Terminal will provide more context to the Brotherhoods final days in Appalachia, and next to this terminal there is a note titled “Letter to Tommy”, reading this will reveal the Location of Fort Defiance.

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It seems Fort Defiance is located in the Allegheny Asylum, located south on the edge of the Savage Divide and Cranberry bog Regions of Appalachia.

Travel to the Location pictured above, and enter the old Asylum. Inside you will see an open door and a bulletin board on the other side. When facing the board, you will notice behind you there is an elevator locked behind a laser grid only members of the Brotherhood have access too.

Interact with the note titled “Final Stand” Posted on the board. Once you do that, you have completed Defiance has Fallen and begun your quest to join the ranks of The Brotherhood of Steel.

To begin the next steps to join the Brotherhood, you must first complete the Back to Basic side mission Located at Camp McClintock. If you have already completed that, you can then move on to the next Brotherhood Quest: Recruitment Blues.

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