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Fallout 76 – Forging a Legend Walkthrough

Forging a Legend

Possible Quest Rewards:

  • The Blade of Bastet
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item

The quest is triggered by accessing a terminal during the Novice of mysteries quest. And selecting the Blade of Bastet entry.

The fabled sword is found in the Whitespring resort, locked in a display case. The case is accessible via a terminal only.

The password of which is tucked within a Protectron of the resort. After finding and inputting the password, the case will open and the sword up for grabs.

A fabricator to the south of the resort basement can be used then to craft a swing analyzer. After this is added to the sword, the player must take it for a test run by killing six different types of enemies, which can be done at the player’s own pace.

After doing so, return to the Fabricator to create the Blade of Bastet.

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