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Fallout 76 – Hack Senator Blackwell’s Terminal Walkthrough

Hack Senator Blackwell’s Terminal

The next objective is located at the Charleston Capitol Building. Warp over there and head inside. Senator Blackwell’s Terminal is located in his office on the top floor. Battle your way through the enemies, taking every staircase or ramp up, until you are level with the quest marker, then find his office. Access Senator Blackwell’s Terminal and load the Master Holotape.

The file scan will fail because the terminal is security locked. You can unlock it using the Security Terminal located on the bottom floor. Head all the way back down and find the kitchen, which is located right next to the security room. Follow the quest marker to the terminal, access it, select Accounts, then Account Lockdowns, then Samuel Blackwell, then Unlock. With his terminal unlocked you can head back to his office, load the holotape, Initiate Program File Scan, then be off to the next objective.

Next up is Upload to Relay Tower.

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