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Fallout 76 – How to get Atoms for free?

How to get Atoms for free?

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Atoms can also be acquired by playing.

It is worth knowing that Atoms can be acquired completely free of charge by performing various activities in the game world. In order to do this you should take an interest in the following activities:

  • Daily missions – tasks randomized every 24 hours. They consist, for example, of gaining a new level or collecting 50 pieces of wood.
  • Weekly missions – tasks randomized every 7 days. These are more complicated tasks consisting of, for example, taking over a specific workshop or completing 10 tasks with other players.
  • Challenges – these are single missions spanning across all elements of the game. For example – join a party or repair 76 weapons. Each challenge can only be completed once.

Completion of a single mission or challenge provides between 10 to 40 Atoms. A list of currently available missions and a list of all challenges can be found in the main menu of the game in the “Challenges” tab.

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