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Fallout 76 – How to Lockpick, Upgrade Lockpicking Skill

Lockpicking is an extremely useful skill if you are trying to explore the world of Fallout 76. Being proficient at lockpicking will allow you to access secured chests or other stashes of goods – this way, you will be able to gain some useful items.

Lockpicking is still mostly the same as it was in the previous iterations of the game, so returning players should not be running into a lot of problems. However, the way that the skill is acquired is quite different now so you will need to learn that.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can upgrade your lock picking skills. Once you are aware of it, go ahead and find out how the mechanic actually works. Then, start stealing!

Upgrade Lockpicking Skill

Since there has been the inclusion of Perk cards in the game, they are now used to upgrade your lockpicking skill.

If you want to upgrade your lockpicking skill, you need to get the three perk cards that are associated with improving your lockpicking abilities.

The cards that you need are known as Picklock, Expert Picklock, and Master Picklock.

  • Level 1 locks – the Picklock perk
  • Level 2 locks – the Expert Picklock perk
  • Level 3 locks – the Master Picklock perk

All of the perks listed above belong to the Perception category.

Once you have them, each of them will improve your skill by one and you can equip all three of them at the same time in order to have the maximum possible lockpicking skill.

One thing you need to remember about these cards is that they cannot be upgraded.

If you have a duplicate of one of the aforementioned cards, there is nothing you can do, as it is not possible to upgrade your card to its rank 2 version in this case.

You also cannot equip them both at the same time and you need to have the higher tiered version in order to improve your lockpicking skill.

How to Lockpick

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how to actually lockpick once you have the skill that is required to do so.

The process is the same as it was in the previous games so you can probably skip over this if you already know how to lockpick. For newer players, you can look at a locked door and the view will start to focus in on the locked portion.

Remember that in order to be able to unlock doors; you will need to have a supply of bobby pins along with a screwdriver.

If you want to be able to access what is inside, you need to move the bobby pin around and then turn the screw so that you are able to turn the lock.

If you feel the pin begin to shake, then you need to adjust it so that you are able to find the new sweet spot.

Remember that if the pin that you have starts to shake quite a bit, then it will snap and you will need to get a new bobby pin and use that to pry open the lock.

The higher the level of the lock is, the more difficult it is for you to open it. The sweet spot of the lock becomes much smaller on the higher difficulty levels and that means that the pin that you have is much more likely to break when you are using it.

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