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Fallout 76 – I Am Become Death Walkthrough

I Am Become Death

GO back to the Whitespring Bunker and go to the Military Wing. Take a right and go through the laser grid that has a “Command” Label. Go up and you will receive the task of using each terminal which will tell you how to use Nukes.

This quest can’t be completed without three of your friends online. Not only that, from this point onward you need to play with friends to complete the game. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to Crack Launch Codes.

The first step is to obtain a nuclear Keycard. Locate the Vertibot that will be escorted around Appalachia. Shoot it down to get the keycard. This is a single-use keycard.

Step 2 is to get the launch codes. You will notice Scorched Officer or a Ghoul with a beacon on its back. You need eight Silo Codes to fire a missile. There are three missile silos Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Collect 8 Silo codes and put the numbers together and use Cypher key to decode them. But the launch code will only be viable for a week.

Decyphering the code is a global process but changes every week. If someone solves it and puts online then it will work for you the same.

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Step 3 is to overcome the Automated Silos. Working in a group will yield the best results. Complete the Silo objectives to get to the get to the launch console. The last step is to select the target and fire the Nuke.

As for how to crack the code yourself, check out our Hacking guide.

For this quest, once you have the 8 Silo Codes and the nuclear Keycard, head to the Mama Dolce’s Foos Processing. Drop behind the giant blue pipe and there will be a hatch on the pipe’s side and you will come across the card-locked door. Use the card reader to enter the Fujiniya Intelligence Base.

As you reach the end, open the hatch on the left and go to the lowest level and follow the marker until you reach a room with a set of tables and blue machinery. Put the password acquired from Whitespring Bunker.

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