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Fallout 76 – Loading the System Access Tape Walkthrough

Loading the System Access Tape

Once you get your next task, interact with the designated dispenser next to the MODUS terminal to receive the System Access tape and a Stealth Boy MKIII, your first task is to take this tape and upload it to a SigInt System Terminal located inside the Sugar Grove relay in the Savage Divide region.

Head to this location and be ready to fight, as the relay will be crawling with Protectrons. It is best to save the stealth boy Modus gave you for once you are inside the relay, as the forces outside are much easier to handle than fighting the forces inside the crowded relay corridors. Once inside, activate the Stealth Boy or fight your way to the tower control center. At the front of the control center, under the green tactical map, will be the terminal you will need to access. Luckily SigInt didn’t believe in terminal security, so once you access the terminal, simply use the action button to load the system access holotape into the terminal. Once complete, Modus and the Enclave will once again have access to the world outside the bunker, with the SigInt relay tower at sugar grove reestablishing their communications network.

Now it is time to head back to the Whitespring Bunker for your next task.

Next up isĀ Deploying the Uplink Module.

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