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Fallout 76 – Mayor For a Day Walkthrough

Mayor For a Day

Possible Quest Rewards:

  • A Modded Sledgehammer Named All Rise
  • The Mayor’s Hat
  • The Mayor’s Clothes
  • The Watoga Mayor Safe Combination
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item

The quest is begun by listening to a radio transmission from the mayor of Watoga after entering the area. Going to the office after that will start the quest.

The quest starts off with opening a terminal entry of being the mayor for a day. After reading through, the player heads up route 65 to a marked location. This being the saboteur’s house.

Inside the compound, the player must investigate and gather five pieces of evidence before they can proceed forward. After gathering the evidence, the player must go to the Robco where the saboteur used to work.

They will then obtain a Holotape from his terminal and head to the Watoga Municipal center. After talking to MAIA, the player will be directed to a rooftop terminal to upload the virus Holotape then.

In doing so, the player will need to fight off waves of robots and a Scorchbeast that will last five minutes. After doing so, the quest is completed.

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