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Fallout 76 – Obtain the Signal Repeater Schematic

Obtain the Signal Repeater Schematic

The first objective in this mission is to obtain Signal Repeater Schematic. The location of it is shown in the picture above and will be also marked on your map. The place is next to the Top of the World (the location in which you take the quests). This area is full of Super Mutants, so get ammo and Stimpaks.

You can reach the place by walking along the cliff and then jumping down carefully. It’s worth using the Power Armor because it reduces the damage from falling. You can go around – you’ll lose more time, but you won’t have to jump from high cliffs.

You don’t need to enter the building, you’ll find the schematic outside. In addition, you’ll meet many foes in the area, but they’re low-level enemies, so you shouldn’t have any problem with them.

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