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Fallout 76 – Play the Overseer’s Recording Walkthrough

Play the Overseer’s Recording

Vault-Boy will show you the way.

After getting your Pip-Boy, you can get ready to leave Vault 76 – but first you have to play the holotape left to you by the Overseer. Open the door next to the place where you picked up the Pip-Boy and then follow the cardboard images of Vault-Boy.

Vault 76 contains no useful items at this point, so the best you can get is a short tour of the place.

After you go downstairs, go across the field and along the corridor. On the way, you’ll go past a few Vault-Boys. You don’t have to stop anywhere, as Vault 76 contains absolutely no useful stuff.

Use the terminal to play the Overseer’s holotape.

At the end of the corridor, you’ll find a room with a terminal. Use it and choose the option to play the holotape. You’ll hear a story introduction to the game.

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