Fallout 76 – Prototypical Problems Walkthrough

Fallout 76 Walkthrough

Prototypical Problems

Possible Quest Rewards:

  • The Voice of Set
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item

This quest, like Forging a Legend, is triggered via accessing the terminal during novice of mysteries. And selecting the Voice of Set entry.

The quest takes players to Sugar Grove for retrieving an EMP device, needed for developing the Voice of Set. After going to the facility’s advanced research terminal, the blank Holotapes act as a giveaway to the player’s next objective.

To download the EMP data onto the blank tape, players will need tools that can be found in Sugar Grove. Players will be tasked with finding the Project Siphon Holotape from an analyst terminal.

This will be used to download the EMP data onto the blank tape. After heading back to the manor, players can upload the Siphon data to the Fabricator and fabricate the Voice of Set to complete this quest.

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