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Fallout 76 – Reclamation Day Quest Walkthrough

Reclamation Day Walkthrough

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This following page describes the first task of the main storyline of Fallout 76. The quest Reclamation Day will be given to you right after watching the intro and creating your character. It’s a simple task requiring you to do nothing more than leaving Vault 76.

Reclamation Day begins as soon as you’ve grabbed your Pip-Boy following character creation. When you’re done, you’ll see the quest objective in the upper-right of your screen. Your objective is simply to leave Vault 76 and enter the Wasteland.

Exit through the door directly in front of you, then follow the yellow marker on your screen to the Vault Boy cutout pictured above. Turn left and go upstairs, making sure to stop at the various tables containing items along the way. The quest marker will stop at every table, making it easy to locate all of them.

The last table holds some black-rim glasses for you to pick up. After you’ve collected them, continue straight ahead to reach the vault door. To your left you’ll find Alderton. Interact with Alderton to open the door and leave the vault. Once you reach the Wasteland, the quest will complete.

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