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Fallout 76 – Safe for Work Walkthrough

Safe for Work

Possible Quest Rewards:

  • Bobby Pins
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item
  • A Legendary Weapon or Armor

The quest is triggered by completing Tentative Plans and using the terminal on the second floor of the Morgantown airport location.

The quest starts with a Holotape that leads players to guess what, another Holotape after disengaging the lock to the safe terminal’s right.

The player then finds the corpse of Responder Rocky and loots a key off it to enter the Responder Bravo station. After finding and accessing another Holotape inside Rocky’s room, the players will head to the medical center.

Another goddamn Holotape needs to be listened to once found in a crate inside the medical center, after which players head for the traffic control tower of the airport. Once there, they must access a terminal to get, another, Holotape.

Listening to that will then finish this weird-ass quest. What the heck, Todd?

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