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Fallout 76 – Second Helpings Walkthrough

Second Helpings Summary

This Fallout 76 main quest will see you finding Delbert Winters in Flatwoods. Like the previous quests, this quest also has multiple objectives that are required to be completed before the quest is complete. This quest also includes optional objectives but, we will only focus on the main objectives required to complete the quest.

Delbert Winters
Your search for Delbert Winters will take you to his trailer to the south of the town. Enter and look around until you find Reverend Delbert. Access Delbert’s terminal to acquire the password. Not that you have the password, you can access all of Delbert’s entries.

Time To Cook
Now you have to cook the Ribeye Steak. Step out of the trailer and search the nearby corpses of the Brahmin or just kill one. Grab the Brahmin meat and find a cooking station and cook yourself as Ribeye steak.

Now go back to Flatwoods and enter the nearby Kiosk and become a full volunteer. Go to the back of the church and access the responder’s Terminal. Read the emergency message and the quest is complete.

Second Helpings Walkthrough

Second Helpings is a quest in the Flatwoods area of Appalachia. In it, you’ll find directions on where to find and how to complete each objective, along with any tips we can think of along the way.

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Quest Rewards

  • Plan: Tinker’s Workbench x1
  • Wood Scraps x14
  • Plan: Hunting Rifle x1
  • 10mm Round x39
  • RadAway: Diluted x3
  • Caps and XP

Second Helpings is automatically accepted after completing the preceding quest Thirst Things First. Your first objective is to locate Delbert Winters. Head toward his home, which is marked by a quest marker to the southwest.

Head inside Delbert’s home where you will find him dead on the floor of one of the rooms. Loot his body, then check his nearby computer terminal to get your next objective. Select the “Volunteer Traning” option in the terminal and it will task you with obtaining some Brahmin meat then cooking it to create a Ribeye Steak.

Head out of Delbert’s house and start walking around town. Look for a Brahmin to kill and loot, or a Brahmin corpse if you don’t want to hurt any animals. Take the meat to the cooking station down the street from the Command Post and cook it to obtain Ribeye Steak. With the steak in hand, head back to the Self-Serve Kiosk and select the “Complete Training” option on the terminal.

After completing your training, head across the street to the Command Post and find the Responders Database terminal just inside. Log into the terminal, then select “Volunteer”, then “EMERGENCY: Contact Responder’s HQ”. This will complete the quest, and automatically give you access to the next one, Final Departure.

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