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Fallout 76 – The Rundown Walkthrough

The Rundown

This main Fallout 76 quest is divided into a series of events with each event having its own set of objectives. We will take you through each of the events.

Event 1
Hack the terminal located in the entryway and disable the supervisor and Turrets. Clear the rest of the area and you can buy some time is you avoid killing the Supervisor. Each member of the Team has to complete this event individually.

Event 2
You need to equip the Hazmat Suit if you brought it with you or just put on your best radiation protection gear. You will find a couple of Hazmat suits in the starting area of this event.

Hack the terminal in the first room and disable the supervisor and the turrets and also activate the Decontamination Arches. You need to repair the pipes but have to shut down the reactor for that which initiates the security system. Just focus more on repairing than fighting.

Event 3
As soon as you set foot inside the alarm goes off and there is no time to waste here. Hack the terminal in the first room to disable the Supervisor and turrets. Just fight your way through.

Event 4
Use pick lock to get to the Terminal to disable turrets and Supervisor. Go to the main room and deal with the Sentry bot and other robots. Use the Terminal to unlock the door. This will help with respawning.

As soon as you Mainframe terminal or any mainframe core the security system will become active. Repair the 15 damaged Mainframe cores and return to the mainframe and slot them in.

Event 5
Get to the top floor and use the terminal to disable Turrets and Supervisor and clear the Control Room. In this event, the team needs to defend Section chiefs as they make their way to the posts. Just defend the section chiefs.

once the prep is completed the Launch Control Console in now active. Use your keycard and enter the launch code. If you enter the wrong launch code, then you will have to repeat the entire process.

After that Approach the targeting computer and choose the location you want to Nuke. Confirm the choice and fire away.

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