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Fallout 76 – What are the benefits of being in a team?

What are the benefits of being in a team?

Of course, the cooperation in Fallout 76 has a number of benefits. The following list describes all the benefits of playing in the team:

  • The team leader automatically shares some of his tasks to other members of the group. Every member of the team who helps the leader to carry out the mission receives rewards in the form of caps or equipment. The goals of the team leader’s tasks are marked with a star.
  • In the team you can share the profits. In the profit menu you can choose which cards will be made available to the members of the group – then they receive bonuses as if they were benefiting from the profit themselves. The profits to be made available must have a point value equal to or lower than your character’s charisma.
  • If a member of your team starts PvP mode (read more about it on the page “How does PvP work?” in our guide) with another player, the whole team automatically becomes an enemy of this player. What’s more, if the person who attacked a member of your team is in a different group, then the two teams become hostile to each other.
  • As a member of a team, you can teleport to the other members and the group leader for free.
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