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Fallout: New Vegas – Vending Machine Code Location

Making this since it is eassier than looking them up in the separete parts of the wiki. Hope is of use to others too.

Vending Machine Code Location

  • Vending machine code – “Weapon repair kit” on top of a filing cabinet at the far end of the hall with the prison cells.
  • Vending machine code – “.308 rifle rounds” in the gentleman’s bathroom, on the pile of junk to the left of the toilet.
  • Vending machine code – “.357 Magnum rounds” in the contraband room, the contraband room is the one unlocked by the Chief’s terminal (Science 75).
  • Vending machine code – “Stimpak” can be found on the reception desk directly in front of you as you enter by the front door.
  • Vending machine code – “Mentats” can be found in an office on the second floor, across the hall from the chief physician’s office, on the bottom of the bookshelf.
  • The vending machine code for Buffout is located east around corner from ruined cafe in a shop with a vending machine.
  • Vending machine code – “Steady” on a table in a nook to the right of the entrance with several coffee cups on it.
  • Vending machine code – “Med-X” can be found on a terminal on the second floor, in the room directly opposite the hologram emitter.
  • Vending machine code – “Rad-X” – In a three floor house just south of the center of Salida Del Sol North. The code is on the third floor on a bookshelf next to the bed. There is also a hole in the wall that leads to the rooftops and the 743.00 Hz ULF radio signal.
  • Vending machine code – “RadAway” – In Salida del Sol North behind a counter in a room with a pool table. From the southernmost entrance to Salida del Sol South, proceed down the stairway and out to the street and then turn right, go up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and cross the room, proceed down the stairway and a pool table will be seen.
  • Vending machine code – “Hologram rifle – focusing lense” – Bell tower in Campanas del Sol.
  • Vending machine code – “Super Stimpack” Bell tower, along with hologram rifle focus optics code
  • Vending machine code – “holorifle adv. calibration mod” can be found on top of the tallest roof. To get there, go into the ruined cafe and exit through the top floor (exit located southern part of cafe, not north or east). Follow the rooftops to the center building in the square and you will see a grating leading to the platform above. The vending code is on the ground at the base of the center column opposite the ramp you came up.
  • Vending machine code – “auto. rifle upgr. internals mod” for the automatic rifle” found next to the wires where you leave Dean in the quest Strike Up the Band.
  • Vending machine code – “demolition charge” found in the southwest side of Puesta del Sol South, near a pool table on the third floor of a building with a wire ramp surrounding a courtyard of toxic cloud. It is on the same level as a sun bathing room, above the laser pistol.
  • Vending machine code – “Bear trap fist – heavy duty springs” In switch room where you leave Dog/God near some pipes on the right.
  • Vending machine code – “Scotch” – Can be found in the room next to the Auto-Doc room.
  • Vending machine code – “Vodka” – On a counter top behind a very easy locked door on the second level.
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