Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn – Earn skill points easily by farming kills!

Do you want a fast and easy method to gain skill points by completing kill and weapon challenges? I’m going to cover it in this guide!


In order to do this properly, you will need:

1. to keep track of what challenges you still have to complete
(This guide is applicable to both “kill” and “weapon” type challenges)

2. Fast travel to locations
(Unlocked by upgrading the Helipad at prosperity to level 2)

3. Keyboard and Mouse

Ok, let’s do this!

1. Fast travel to the “Bonecrusher Pit” after you’ve completed Irwin’s mission related to it (pic related)

The following enemy types will spawn there:

– 1x assaulter (level 2)

– 7x Melee fighter (level 2)

The assaulter leans on the edge on top of the arena, the melee fighters are in the pit, making it easy to kill them, especially with explosive weapons or saw launchers.

2. When the melee fighters notice you, they will flee from the pit and take the exit through the sewer system pictured here, it can be found near the bridge at the river. If you tag the enemies in the pit, you can use them as a guide. You will always be there faster than them since they have to use ladders and staircases, so don’t worry about losing them.

3. As soon as you have killed all of them, you just open the map and fast travel there again, the enemies will have reset.

4. Repeat for as often as you like

Worthy of note

– A level 3 bear tends to spawn near the arena every time you reset, so keep that in mind if your gear isn’t good enough to take on the bear.

– As you can see in the very first picture of this guide, a workbench can be found on the bridge. Comes in handy if you have to switch your weapon or in case you need to refill your ammo.

– Companions sometimes have a hard time attacking enemies in the pit, it could have something to do with the metal bars covering the pit. The hitbox of the metal bars appears to be bugged. It can sometimes block bullets even if you shoot through the gaps, so keep that in mind.

– The best way to fight the enemies is to take out the assaulter on the ledge first and then shooting into the pit from the ledge. Ideally, they will try to rush towards the ledge instead of fleeing, making for some easy kills.

– If you want to farm kills with your companions, it is best advised to lead them through the sewer system using the “follow me” command. This is the most foolproof method to overcome the “glitch” mentioned above.

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Written by Ziegenpeter

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