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Far Cry New Dawn: Honorary Scout Trophy Guide

Honorary Scout Trophy Guide

Honorary Scout
Gather intel 10 times by talking to Wiki-Bean-ia scouts. Host only.

Wiki-Bean-ia scouts are found in the wilderness and at liberated outposts. At the very top of the screen where it shows the compass, it will show you when a scout is nearby. They are random spawns and can show up just about anywhere. They have a blue rhombus icon above their heads. The most reliable way is to just liberate all outposts. Afterward there’s a good chance a scout will spawn in the outpost. You can also try fast travel between the outposts. If you don’t have any luck with this you can just drive all over the map, a Scout should show up near you every few minutes. Ideally, you should work on this as you play through the story, always talk to them when you see them. They reveal interesting locations such as Guns for Hire or Treasure Hunts.

Warning: This can become missable if you discovered all locations by yourself or bought the maps from Cartography center in Prosperity. Then the scouts have no more info to give you and stop spawning. However, you could simply start a new game and go for the scouts right away so it’s not that big of a deal if you missed this trophy.

A Note about Host only Trophies: You will notice that most trophies say “Host only” in their description. What this means is that if you play in Co-Op, only the person who is hosting (sent the invite to the 2nd player) will earn trophies. The joining player won’t unlock any trophies. You’re going to have to play through it solo to unlock trophies or make sure you’re the host if in Co-Op.

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