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Far Cry New Dawn PC Cheats

#1 – Where to Find Sam Fisher Outfit

Government Plane Wreck is the fifth expedition. The starting location is randomized. Look for a rusted plane wreck (has a brown color tone). It’s the body of the plane and still has two wings on it. There’s also a blue ladder leading up inside the wreck.

Enter the plane wreck. Interact with the Laptop on the ground level, it’s next to the only enemy on the ground level. This opens a secret vault upstairs. Go to the upper level of the plane wreck where 1-2 enemies are standing and interact with the vault door at the end of the room. The secret Sam Fisher Outfit is behind that door.

#2 – How to Open Safes

There are 3 ways to open Safes in Far Cry New Dawn:

  • Remote Explosives
  • Lock Picking Perk
  • Repair Torch Perk

Remote Explosives
You can simply throw a remote explosive at a safe to blast it open. It doesn’t have to be perfectly placed, just needs to be close to the safe. You can craft remote explosives in Throwables section of the weapon wheel. Open the weapon wheel and press up / down to scroll to the remote explosives. It requires the ingredients black powder and blasting cap which you get from looting dead enemies.

Lock Picking Perk
This is the most elegant way to do it. Buy the Lock Picking Perk and hold square (PS4) / x (Xbox One) to open the safe quietly.

Repair Torch Perk
The repair torch can repair vehicles but is also good for opening safes. It makes the Lock Picking Perk somewhat irrelevant. Buy this perk and select the repair torch from the weapon wheel to crack open any safe.

That’s all the ways how to open safes in Far Cry New Dawn.

#3 – All Monstrous Animal Locations

There are four types of Monstrous Animals in Far Cry New Dawn. They are the Bison, Boar, Cougar and Bear. They respawn in these areas that I show and you need the skin to craft elite weapons. You can also trade the skins for very valuable resources such as circuit boards and carbon fiber.

You also need to collect the skin off each of these Monstrous Animals in order to get the “Master Skinner” achievement / trophy. Killing one of these Monstrous Animals will also reward you with the “Kill or Be Killed” achievement / trophy.

Monstrous Bison

Monstrous Boar

Monstrous Cougar

Monstrous Bear

Video Guide

Have fun!

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