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Far Cry New Dawn Tips and Beginner’s Guide

Far Cry New Dawn Guide will help you with all of the tips and tricks that you need to know while starting the game. These tips will help you to be more efficient in the game and acquire high-end weapons quickly.

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Fast Travel

The ability to Fast Travel in FCND is actually locked behind an upgrade.

Once you get through the initial mission and properly gain your bearings, you will notice that there are several Fast Travel icons on your map, but they are grayed out and inaccessible.

Unlocking them is done by acquiring the upgrade called “Expeditions”. You can find this upgrade behind “Prosperity Homebase”. This upgrade can also be unlocked from “Homebase” category of the “Character” menu.

Meaning you do not necessarily have to make that trip to Prosperity just for the upgrade. Another thing worth noting is that the upgrade is purchased by *Ethanol*.

You can purchase the Expeditions upgrade for 75 Ethanol. Although this is only actually the first level of Expeditions, this upgrade basically allows you to Fast Travel to any *Outposts* that you have liberated.

After upgrading Prosperity Homebase itself, you can purchase the next Expeditions upgrade with 125 Ethanol.

This one allows you to Fast Travel to literally any location that you have discovered. This becomes very useful when you really need to get to a specific spot.

The third and final upgrade for Expeditions can be unlocked later in the game, this ability allows you to air drop to whichever Fast Travel location you select.

Make sure you have unlocked the wingsuit by then! So that is how to unlock Fast Travel in FCND.

Far Cry New Dawn Perks

You will need to earn Perk Points in order to unlock perks. This can be done by completing challenges and missions throughout your journey. Helping NPCs and just playing the game naturally will get you these but they can also be purchased via Microtransactions from the “Perks: menu.

There are a total of 25 new perks to choose from along with 5 special Eden Perks. We have listed them with brief descriptions:

FCND Perks Effects
Grapple Hold square to attach a grapple to a grapple point. Reduces fall damage.
Repair Torch Repairs vehicles, cracks open safes and burns enemies.
Skydiver Wingsuit can be activated while falling by pressing L3. Reduces fall damage.
Fishing Rod Allows you to fish. Can be found in the weapon wheel.
Outdoor Enthusiast Prey will not flee easily. Fish are easier to reel in once hooked.
Tactical Binoculars Press D-pad up to equip binoculars that can be used to tag enemies more quickly, from a distance and in a wider radius .
Hotwire Automatically disables booby-traps on Highwaymen vehicles.
Mechanic Reduces weapon overheating on machine guns. When in a vehicle, it will slowly repair itself.
*Lock Picking* Pick locks on doors and safes.
Saboteur Sabotage vehicles (Hold Square to explode them after 10 seconds) (Hold Triangle to explode them when they hit obstacles at high speeds. This can also be used to explode alarms and mounted weapons).
Covert Decreases noise level while moving. Increases movement speed while crouched.
Dexterity Accelerates consumable crafting, sabotage, opening safes and supply drops as well as disabling alarms. Press R1 to throwback incoming dynamite.
Locked and Loaded Reload weapons while aiming with semi-automatic handguns or sniper rifles. Press Triangle to switch to the last equipped weapon more quickly.
More Lung Capacity Increases hold breath duration while sprinting and while underwater. Increases sprint duration.
More Fist Damage Increases fist and kick damage.
Advanced Takedowns Press R3 to takedown rank 2 enemies. During a takedown, press R2 to throw weapons at enemies.
Expert Takedowns Press R3 to takedown rank 3 enemies. During a takedown, hold L2 and press R2 to shoot with your sidearm.
Master Takedowns Press R3 to takedown Elite enemies. During a takedown, use the left joystick to perform another takedown on an adjacent enemy.
Well-Armed Carry a third weapon.
Heavily Armed Extra slot for a fourth weapon.
More Medkits Increases carry amount for Medkits.
More Melee Weapons Increases carry amount for Melee Weapons.
More Throwables Increases carrying amount for Explosives, Throwing Knives and Bait.
More Light Ammo Increases ammo carry amount for the Handgun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Arrows.
More Heavy Ammo Increases ammo carry amount for the LMG, RPG, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, and Saw Launcher.

Eden Abilities

Eden Perks Effects
Leap of Faith Press X while in mid-air to perform a double jump.
Ghost Hold Circle to become temporarily much harder to detect than enemies (consumes Eden’s Gift).
Wrath Hold R3 to temporarily increase speed, melee damage, reduce damage taken, and be immune to knockdowns (consumes Eden’s Gift).
Eden’s Touch Takedowns replenish Eden’s Gift and health, and loot victims automatically.
Eden’s Gift Increases the regeneration of Eden’s Gift.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips

Go on Expeditions
It can be easy to ignore this seemingly side portion of the game but Expeditions are not only pretty fun they also give you tonnes of resources.

They’re also the only way to get Circuit Boards which you’ll need to craft legendary weapons so they’re a must do to be effective in the wild.

Take Outposts
Not only does this give you ethanol but it also gives you fast travel points if your expeditions are at level 2. If you take over the outposts without being seen you can also gain a bunch extra Ethanol.

Get yourself one of the two silent sniping Guns for Hire and the tactical binoculars and you’re on your way to some easy outposts.

Upgrade Prosperity
You’ll have to do this as part of the main missions anyway but it really is worthwhile spending some time on. Upgrading can give you extra health, access to better weapons, and even train your friends.

If you’re having trouble out there in the world think about syncing some ethanol into your home base.

Level Up Guns For Hire
Not only can Guns For Hire be trained by upgrading training facilities at Prosperity but you can also level them up by having them kill. Incrementally, they’ll learn new skills to help in and sometimes out of combat.

You can do this using animal kills fairly easily. Point your gun for hire at a helpless prey animal will often earn them a kill seemingly for free. If you manage to down an enemy but not kill them you can also use this as an opportunity to get a sneaky kill for one of your companions.

Turn off a lot of the HUD

There’s a difference between guiding the player and drowning them with information and Far Cry New Dawn, on its default settings, skews toward the latter. But, thankfully, you can change that. Go into the pause menu and then to options and then interface to turn off all the superfluous parts of the HUD.

This includes stuff like those annoying perk points updates, the crouch indicator, obtrusive damage dealt numbers, objective messages, intel updates, and more. And if you’re feeling extra frisky, go ahead and turn off the ammo and health indicators. You should naturally know when you’re low on that stuff anyway.

Kill the alarms in the bases
Far Cry has almost always had outposts in some respects and New Dawn is no different. Past games have incentivized the player to sneak around and stealthily bring down these encampments but New Dawn‘s new focus on gathering materials makes this more important than ever.

Ethanol is hard to come by and one of the main resources in the game. And players get a bonus bit of ethanol if they don’t get detected or set off an alarm. This makes it all the more important to prioritize sneaking in these outposts. So take it slowly and either shoot the alarms from a distance or manually override them when you get close. It’s always good to circle a base from the outside and disable the alarms and then to move in from there. Nana and Timber, the dog, are good companions to have for this type of play.

Choose your perks wisely
The Perks system of Far Cry 5 returns in Far Cry New Dawn, and brings with it plenty of bonuses. Once again, getting your hands on Perk Points allows you to grab these Perks, and thankfully there are more than enough Perk Points to go around to fully complete the skill tree. However, it’s probably best to pick them in the right order.

For starters, get your basic Perks fast. Things like the Wingsuit are not only a lot of fun, but make speeding around the map that much easier, while picking up either the blowtorch or the lockpicking Perk is definitely required to get the most out of the Treasure Hunts, not to mention the accessing of safes in various locations. It’s also worth upgrading the number of weapons carried fast.

There are plenty of other smart moves when it comes to Perks, too. Upgrading the takedown ability of the player is essential in the long run, so make sure you have kept up with the highest level of enemy you are likely to encounter. Meanwhile, be sure to get extra ammunition here and there, because it’s always better to have too much ammunition than too little, particularly if using a particularly greedy weapon like the flamethrower.

Expeditions are the best way to get resources

Expeditions on the Prosperity base will be unlocked after you have upgraded this building once. Thus, you can engage in expeditions as soon as you accumulate some ethanol and upgrade the building.

In total, the game offers 21 expeditions. To get the access to the second one, you need to complete the first expedition at least once and then talk to Roger Cadoret. The expedition difficulty follows the same structure as in the case of outposts: first, second and third ranks. Having completed the first-rank expedition, you get access to the second-rank expedition and so on.

Expedition reward depends solely on rank. It means that the reward for the first, and, say, the tenth first-rank expedition will be identical:

  1. First rank – 300 units of titanium, 100 components, 100 duct tapes, 100 gears, 100 springs and 15 circuit boards.
  2. Second rank – 350 units of titanium, 150 components, 150 duct tapes, 150 gears, 150 springs and 20 circuit boards.
  3. Third rank – 400 units of titanium, 200 components, 200 duct tapes, 200 gears, 200 springs and 25 circuit boards.

As in the case of outposts, you will be able to go on a mission an unlimited number of times even if you have completed the expedition thrice. However, each time you will deal with a third-rank expedition. Many challenges are associated with expeditions: study them carefully to earn perk points.

There are a bunch of collectables including the aforementioned Treasure Hunts which require the Grapple to be unlocked. Unlocking this as soon as possible gives you a few more options for how you explore the world and make sure you’re not missing anything out.

Repair Torch
Safes all over the world can only be cracked once you have either the lock picking perk or the repair torch perk. Repair torch also gives you the ability to repair vehicles so it’s a good early choice.

Tactical Binoculars
If you’ve played Far Cry 5 these are the same deal. They let you look at places from a distance and tag enemies. This perk makes infiltrating outposts heaps easier especially if you’re going for the bonus ethanol.

Takedowns (all)
Again, this perk will help you out in stealthy endeavours. This way you can still instakill any enemy as long as you’re sneaky enough.

Leap of Faith
This will only be unlocked after one of the main story missions but get it as soon as you can. It essentially lets your character double jump which makes no sense but is very useful.

Reaching new areas is easier, you can jump over enemies, and moving just becomes a lot faster.

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