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Farm Keeper Epic Difficulty Guide

Guide to easily beat EPIC difficulty.

SPOILERS: Contains spoilers about “secret tiles” don’t read if you want to figure it out yourself!

Farm Keeper Epic Difficulty Guide

The Prelude

Before you start the journey to beat Epic mode easily you need to unlock a few “secret tiles” including

  • CORN
  • Barn (not necessary but very nice)
  • Ore (not necessary but very nice)

You can unlock all of these when playing the easiest difficulty just complete the challenge to unlock them.

Another Prerequisite to playing Epic mode is beating Challenge and Boss mode, both can be beaten with this strategy easily. Doing this will unlock the “secret tile” for Chests which always gives you 2 stone, 2 wood, and 50 Gold. Chests also leaves behind tillable land so always pick chest if it appears.

The Beginning

The best beginning to EPIC difficulty is to start with 2 rocks (even better ore veins) that you will immediately turn into 2 wells. Next you want to plant as many watered carrots as you can using the energy from the wells.

EPIC Difficulty
EPIC Difficulty

The best free tiles to get in the coming days are rocks or ore veins, they give you a rock to build another well and give you a new tile to start expanding farmland. If a rock or ore isn’t an option picking the well or a tree is the best follow up. NEVER PICK RANCH OR WATER SPOT.

In order from best tile to worst tile (early game)

  • Chest
  • Ore Vein
  • Rock
  • Artisan Well
  • Fruit Tree/Tree

NEVER PICK (Buy empty tile instead)

  • Ranch
  • Water
  • Boat
  • Mountain

The setup for land and wells is important you want land to be in a 3×4 grid with a hollow center (2 space gap) and wells need to be a 3×3 with a hollow center.

EPIC Difficulty

*Important note switch from carrots to tomatoes as soon as they are available for maximum profit*

To The Finish Line

The rest of the run is very straightforward. Simply get a Pump to place in the middle of the Artisan Well grid. Then fill in the 3×4 farm space gap with a Windmill in the rightmost spot and a Farm Marketplace in the leftmost spot (when available).

EPIC Difficulty

The only other buildings you need are:

  • 1 Barn (Re-roll ability DOES NOT STACK)
  • 1 Weather-vein (use to water all tiles after tilling)
  • 1 Tractor (Harvest all Crops)

Keep expanding the land in a repeating 3×4 grid to the left. Plant Corn as soon as you can and harvest from the bottom right corner when using the tractor for maximum profit. The combination of Windmills, Marketplaces, and Corn/Tractor, results in each new farm tile providing 64 Gold per Day

A few tips:

  • Use the pumps ability to fill the wells before ending the day
  • Weather-vein before putting corn down in order to not accidentally waste energy watering
  • Click and drag to till and seed quickly each day

Final Farm should look something like this

EPIC Difficulty

Congrats, you beat Epic difficulty with corn! I wonder how to beat it without corn…

Written by GrayMatterMan

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