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Farming Simulator 19 – How to Make a Profit with Horses

In this guide I’ll show how to make a profit with horses.

Buying a paddock and a horse

Paddocks are in the placeables menu under animal pens

1. Horse paddock (8 Horses) – 50.000€
2. Large horse paddock (16 Horses) – 95.000€

After buying a paddock press R on the square and select a horse.

You have 8 different horses to choose from.

Every horse costs 5.000€, and if you’re not transporting it the fee is 300€ but I’d sugest doing it this way (The trailer costs 16.000€ or 1.280€ if you’re leasing and if you’re buying only one horse it’s more expensive)

Buying a horse and transporting it

If you want to transport the horse and not pay the 300€ fee follow this

The animal dealer is located:

  • Near the field 14 on Ravenport
  • Near the barn (Fields 16 and 25) on Felsbrunn

You need to lease or buy the animal trailer (Under animal transport)

If you plan on buying 4 or more horses lease the trailer, but if not pay the 300€ it’s cheaper for “one time use”.

After you buy your horse unload it at the exact same place as before.

You’ve Placed a Paddock, Bought a Horse. What to Do Now?

In this section you’ll learn how to keep your horse fit, clean and healthy as well as how to feed it.

To keep your horse healthy give it water, straw and food. One horse requires 350l of water and 700l of straw.

To feed it you need 3.500l of oats and 3.500l of hay. To get oats you can either grow your own and harvest them or buy them in the shop.

Riding and Keeping Your Horse Clean

You’ve fed your horse, and everything is at 100% except fitness.

Every horse you buy has 5% of fitness and you need to ride it every day.

As you can see my horse is not fit and not clean. After you ride it to 100% (Daily riding: 100% on the left) you’ll need to clean it. Hold the left click on the horse to clean it. Since I already rode it the fitness level will get up to 13% after 00:00 (12:00 AM).

Selling the Horse

Your horse is 100% fit, clean and ready for sale.

Go to the animal dialog (Place where you buy it) double click on your horse on the right side and press confirm.

Since my horse isn’t at 100% but 13% I can sell it for ~6.000€. A 100% horse can be sold for 45.000€+. You just have to ride it, keep it clean and feed it. (Price goes up by ~5.000€ for every 10%).

Written by Mr. Mechanick

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