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Farming Simulator 19 Light Tractors

Light Tractors

Fiat 1300 DT.

The Fiat 1300 DT is one of the old, almost historic tractors. It the second or third greatest power in the light tractor category but:

  1. No additions or extensions (it has a pin at the front instead of a 3-point connection);
  2. Very big turning radius and small mobility;
  3. Very low maximum speed;
  4. Poor lights.

It is only suitable for simple but heavy work (e.g. ploughing) with basic, inexpensive equipment.

Fendt 500 Favorit.

The Fendt brand is worth mentioning in this category: the 500 Favorit model has a front attacher, loader mounting capability and a decent speed (50km/h). However, the most important thing is that you can upgrade the engine up to 150 hp.

Lindner Lintrac 90.

The Lindner Lintrac 90 is another nice tractor in this size category. It is a very small, weak but also very maneuverable tractor (with rear swivel wheels). Why pay attention to it? It’s great as a small loader: it’s very mobile and certainly a better choice than the basic loader: Kramer KL30.8T, which is weaker, uses the same loader attachment and costs $60,000 with much smaller capabilities offered.

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