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Farming Simulator 19 Medium Tractors

Medium Tractors

The most interesting middle class tractor for those with a limited budget is the first model: CaseIH 7200 Pro Series. It’s the perfect starter tractor that will serve for a long time, as its 170 hp engine can be upgraded to 261 hp. And for its price it offers a decent speed (40 km/h) and a front attachment.

Of the more expensive tractors, it is worth taking interest only in models with a power of 200+ hp. The most interesting tractor in this group is the Valtra T Series, priced at $175,000. It has parameters similar to all tractors in this price range: speed of 50 km/h, front attacher and front loader mounting, but most of all: change of direction. This means you can turn the driver’s seat (as shown in the picture above) and drive the vehicle comfortably at full speed in the opposite direction. This significantly expand the possibilities of using the machine:

  • In the inverted configuration, you turn the rear wheels to make turning easier,
  • The weight of the machine is shifted towards the direction of travel – heavy equipment often does not require the use of weights,
  • You can connect machines at the front and rear to drive through the field lane in one operation, turn around and do the other immediately.

JCB Fastrac 4220 is the fastest tractors in this category. It travels at 62 km/h, which makes it ideal for transport; the cost is $196,000. In addition, it has four steering wheels and the ability to attach a front loader. If you don’t want to invest in a truck tractor, use this tractor to transport machines from the store or trailers with raw materials for sale.

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