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Farming Simulator 19 Pickups


There are two pickup models available, which are the fastest vehicles in the game: they reach 120 km/h. You can use them to explore the area and the plots you want to buy, as well as for transport: on the cargo bed (they have the ability to attach the load with belts, so you don’t have to worry about losing the goods along the way), or you can attach some small (and not too heavy) trailers to them. If you start with a small amount of money, you can buy (or better lease) one of these vehicles to make it easier to play: on the bed you can transport even a pallet of seeds, or drive with a small trailer and collect the harvester’s yield.

The more expensive model is more powerful, but has a less capacious cargo bed.

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  1. So I have fs19 on ps4 would like to know how to buy or get different trucks besides what’s on the game like a ford flat bes


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