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Farming Simulator 19 – Potatoes, Beets and Cotton Guide


Cotton is a new plant that can be grown in Farming Simulator 19. If you decide to obtain it, it is worth buying a large field (at least 1 ha). The yields are small and the harvester has a very high capacity. Cotton is produced exclusively for sale.

To plant cotton, you only need a treated field and any planter. A special harvester is required for harvesting it: CaseIH Module Express 635. It does not need anything more to work: it collects, stores and processes the resource by itself, without the need for additional headers or semi-trailers during the harvesting phase.

The harvester is quite fast and maintenance-free. It creates huge bales of cotton, which are being released when the tank is full. For a full bale you have to process a 2 ha field, so it is not worth planting cotton on small fields.

These trailers load and unload cotton bales themselves.

You still need the right trailer. Under Tools -> Cotton technology: you will find two models – for one and for two bales of cotton. Once you have started the harvester in the trailer, just drive backwards to the bale lying on the ground to load the bale.


Requiresplowspecial planter for potatoes,harvester with a header for potatoessemi-trailers with high capacity;

Usage: as food for: pigs; as a product for sale – 1ha of potatoes can give you around $30,000.

Additional information:

  • Potatoes give you a lot of yields: about 70,000 liters from 1ha. That is why you need large semi-trailers.
  • Your combine harvester will get overfilled fast – always have a semi-trailer to store your yields.
  • Equipment used for planting and harvesting potatoes can’t be used for other plants.
  • Potato seeder can be filled with potatoes you have already harvested: simply put them back into the seeder.
  • Store potatoes on the ground: load them on semi-trailers with a belt system (you can also use this machinery to place them on pallets).
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You will fill the planter with potatoes from the previous harvest.

Potatoes are planted with a special planter, which can be found in the Potato growing technology tab: Gimme GL 420 or GL 860 Comacta. The first model is smaller and does not fertilize the field during planting. These planters are quite slow. You will fill them up traditionally: from the seed pallet purchased in the shop. You fill the next batch by pouring potatoes from the previous harvest into the planter.

Grimme SE 260 – avoid this machine unless you intend to drive it yourself.

Potatoes are harvested in one of two ways: use combine harvesters attached to the tractor: Grimme SE 260 or ROPA Keiler 2. Avoid the first mentioned model! It also needs a front cover to work: Grimme KS 75-4. Because the width of the overlap – which is used to cut the protruding parts of the potato – is wider than the harvester, workers tend to avoid the potato stripes. The ROPA harvester does not need a front cover attachment.

Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac – “tank” for potatoes.

Another option to harvest potatoes is to use a self-propelled combine harvester: Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac that can be found in the Vehicles section. The vehicle does not need to use the tractor to work and has twice the harvesting area and more than twice the speed (but the same storage capacity). If you are going to invest in potatoes, this is the best and obligatory item on the shopping list.

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Sugar beet

Requiresplowany of the planters, harvester with a header for sugar beetrootssemi-trailers with high capacity;

Usage: as food for: pigs; as a product for sale – 1ha of potatoes can give you around $30,000.

Additional information:

  • 1ha will give you about 110,000 liters.
  • Just like potatoes, you can load sugar beets on pallets or collect them from the ground by using a belt system.
  • Thanks to the special collection head (you can find them near beetroot harvesters), you can leave beetroots on the ground and collect them later.
  • Potatoes give you more money. However, beets are faster to collect, and the required machines are cheaper.

Sugar beet is easier and cheaper to grow than potatoes, but the profits generated by it are also smaller. To plant beets it is enough to have any planter and a ploughed field.

Grimme Rootster 604 is quite a good harvester for the beginning.

To collect beets from the field, a cheaper option will be to buy the Grimme FT 300, which you attach to the front of the tractor, and the Grimme Rootster 604, which is attached to the rear. Compared to potato harvesters, this one has no disadvantages – it’s fast and reliable when it comes to its use by employees.

Ropa Panther 2 – self-propelled, self-sufficient, pure driving pleasure.

A self-propelled combine harvester, however, is comparatively more expensive, but also very efficient. In the Beet growing technology tab in the Vehicles section you will find as many as three models of combine harvesters: Ropa Panther 2,Tiger 6 XL and Holmer Terra Dos T4-40. They differ in the capacity and width of the headers. The headers can be found in the Beet growing technology in the following shop section: Tools. Each machine has a corresponding beet header. These combine harvesters work perfectly and reliably, and working with them is pure pleasure.

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The additional machines you will find in the self-propelled harvester section are ROPA Maus 5 and Holmer Terra Felis 3. Don’t get confused – they are not for harvesting beets, but only for lifting them from the ground. In other words: you can store the beets in the field – instead of driving the tractor behind the combine harvester, pour the crop directly onto the field. Then you can collect the crop in a semi-trailer using this machine in no time at all. However, this is a tool that is only used for a few hectares of fields.

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