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Farming Simulator 19 Trucks Guide


The truck category contains five models of vehicles which are used exclusively for transport. They are characterized by high power (they can easily pull a number of trailers) and a fifth-wheel coupling, which enables a direct connection of large semi-trailers. In addition, no tractor can travel at 80km/h. If you don’t use a tractor for transport and you are tired of frequently driving things from the store across the whole map and long distances to the collection points, it will be a very good solution.

If you want to connect a semi-trailer with a fifth wheel coupling to a tractor, you can do it. Find a special dolly in the shop that serves as an adapter.

Which truck to choose? The MAN TGS 18.500 4×4 is potentially the best choice. The reason for this is the set of hooks at the rear of the vehicle, which will allow you to connect any available semi-trailer in the game to it.

You can also purchase an upgrade for pin trailers (HDK/TDK series and sugarcane trailers) for Tatra Phoenix 6×6 Agro-Truck.

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