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Fear the Night Robot Hack – UA Scout

How to hack the games smaller robots aka UA Scouts.

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Robot Uses

You may be wondering what’s the point of these little Robots.


  • They have a 500 carry wieght limit with lots of slots!
  • They can Help protect you. option for attacking your targets. Not sure if they can shoot ( I will update list when more knowledge is found )
  • They are mobile they follow you as long as you feed them gasoline.
  • They level up over time while operational or asleep.


  • They can sometimes have a hard time moving through doorways and other obstacles while following.
  • Low level robots can easily be destroyed by other players (2/3 shots)

Hacking the Machines

Things you need:

  • 11 – Power tools
  • 1 – laptop
  • any – gas
  • Weapons and ammo to fend off zombies
  • 1 – Hacking tool (crafted with resources above)
  • 1 – Hack code (Activation code explained below)

First Things first , you need to collect one laptop and 6 powertools. Power tools can be found in various lootable objects (trashbins,cabnets,toolboxes etc..) and Laptops can be found in houses on the computer desks and other lootable areas/POI’s around the map.

Once you have the resources necessary its time to craft a Hacking Tool. (Can be crafted at the Crafting Bench)

After you have the tool its time to go get some Hacking codes. To do this you will need to Travel to the school right outside the fresh spawn area(South East of map). Across the street from the school is a track field. In the track field you will see 3 caged off areas that spawn the UAscout robots. They are harmless although they will blind you with a flash when startled and alarm the other robots. To get the codes you need to destroy these robots and loot them, randomly you will find codes on them.

Now you you have an “Activation Code” in your inventory we can now hack a robot. So now you must wait until night and make sure that the robots don’t get startled even by the zombies so try to kill any zombie that gets a little to close. If all goes well and the robots are not startled they will go into sleep mode. They curl up and lay down , at this point you can walk up to them Press E and start the hack process.

To the right you’ll get a prompt displaying ” Start Parsing the port (Y/N)” Type Y then press enter.

Now the prompt displays available codes. Type in a hack code from the list. ” T001-98KS8W ” then press enter.

You are now prompted with 2 ip addresses. Quickly type in the top address “” then press enter.

Now you need to delete the robots registry file type ” DEL REGISTERLIST.ML” press enter and now the hack has begun.

Now you must protect the robot from any incoming enemies and allow the hack to finish shouldn’t take to long for this little guy.

Once its done you will be prompted to name your new robo pet. Almost done! Press E on your new robot buddy to access its inventory space. Now add some gas to its inventory and press “Start Up” to turn it on.

Now that its on, you can Hold E while looking at it to see its various options.

You’ve completed the hack.¬†You can do the same thing on the bigger ones but its hard as hell!


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