Fear The Wolves Map – Points of Interest, Military Facilities, Towns and Villages

Fear The Wolves Map

There are plenty of markers to show where each area is that you’ll need to know!

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Fear The Wolves Map

Here is the map with everything. It includes as follows:

1. Red area – Dead Zone, the end of the map. This area is full of deadly radiation.

2. Military facilities – here, you can find the best equipment, e.g. AK-47, sniper or assault rifles. This means that all the players will try to visit them - be careful.

3. Towns – the map features 22 towns where you can find a lot of buildings with potential loot. The best pieces of equipment can usually be found in characteristic spots of a given town, e.g. churches, factories etc.

4. Villages – small locations with usually a few buildings. You won’t find anything useful here but these buildings can offer you shelter and can be used as traps for other players.

5. Hidden spots – the map is full of places that aren’t marked on the map, e.g. small camps or tents with equipment. It is highly probable that you will find a lot of them. Try to remember their locations.

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Grid system and dangerous areas

Here is the map with everything. It includes as follows:

1. Dead Zone – that is the end of the map area. The area covered by deadly radiation. If you enter, you will die.

2. Radiation zone – the areas marked with a red grid indicate where the Adrenaline Infection anomaly occurs. This is the second stage in the development of complete contamination of the area. Then, after about 2 minutes, the zone is radiated and turned into the Dead Zone (red map area).

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