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FF7 Remake Chapter 15 The Day Midgar Stood Still Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Chapter 15 The Day Midgar Stood Still Walkthrough

  • A Broken City

    • For this chapter, the location takes place at the Collapsed Sector 7 Plate. Work your way around the collapsed section until you trigger a cutscene where you’ll bump into one of the residents.
  • The Climb

    • Work your way under the debris, on the other side, you’ll find a vending machine and a bench that you can use. If you’re good to go, head up the ladder and you’ll encounter a new enemy which is the Byobapolis. This enemy is weak to ice-based attacks and even greater against wind-based attacks.
    • After defeating the enemies, go around the platform first where you’ll encounter 2x Byobapolis, you’ll find a chest at the end containing 1x Mega Potion. Next, climb up the ladder.
    • On the upper level, you’ll encounter 2x Cerulean Drake enemies. Defeat the enemies and climb up the next ladder where you’ll be prompted a tutorial on how to use the Grappling Gun.
  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    • After the cutscene, continue forward and destroy the Shinra boxes you’ll encounter along the way. Once you jump across the opposite platform, you’ll encounter two new enemies. the 3-C Soldier Operator. Use fire-based attacks against them to quickly pressure and stagger them.
    • After defeating the soldiers, grab the radio that the soldier drops.
    • Continue forward and you’ll come across another grappling point to reach the top area. Shortly after, it will collapse and you’ll have to fight off Guard Dog and Elite Security Officer enemies followed by a Helitrooper and two more Elite Security Officer.
    • As you progress through the collapsed tunnel path, you’ll encounter more Shinra troops. Once you’ve cleared all the enemies, follow the marked objective and head to the upper area of the plate.
  • The Path to Greater Heights

    • After triggering the next main scenario, on the left side, you’ll be able to find a bench that you can use as well as a vending machine that sells another music disc: 5. Lurking in the Darkness. You can buy it for 50 Gil.
    • Before you head up the building, check around the area on the right side where you’ll encounter 2x 3-C Soldier Operator and an Elite Helitrooper. Defeat the enemies and check around the corner to find a chest containing 3,000 Gil.
    • Go back to where the bench and machine are and head up the stairs towards the collapsed building.
    • Walk up to the middle part of the building and a reticle will appear which prompts that there’s a grappling point above you.
    • At the top, you’ll encounter a group of Slug-Ray and Shock-Ray enemies, these mechanical foes are weak to lightning-based attacks.
    • Continue going up via another grappling point and you’ll encounter more shock and slug ray enemies, there’s a chest at the corner where you can find 1x Hi-Potion inside of it.
    • On the same floor, on the opposite side, there’s another grappling point on the right side. Once you reach another level up, walk outside and head down the scaffolding. At the bottom, head to the back of the building and you’ll find a chest containing 1x Enchanted Ring.
    • From here, you can grapple to the wall that’s opposite of the chest to exit the area.
    • Next, head towards the marked objective, outside the building towards the red structure ahead. You’ll encounter a new enemy here, a Blast-Ray. Use lightning-based attacks to hit its weakness.
    • Once you’ve defeated the mech, climb up the ladder and go around the circular platform first to find Shinra boxes you can destroy. You’ll also find a chest containing a bottle of Turbo Ether.
    • After clearing the platform, head up the next ladder. Once you’re at the top, go to the left side first and climb the short ladder. You’ll find another chest at the top that has 1x Smelling Salts. Go back down and circle around to find a tall ladder that you need to climb up.
    • From here, destroy the Shinra boxes and continue straight where you’ll find another ladder to climb.
    • Go under the collapsed metal frame and squeeze through the tight gap. Keep moving forward and cross the metal beam.
    • When you reach the other side, you’ll encounter Byobapolis and a Cerulean Drake enemy.
    • Once you’ve defeated the enemies, instead of heading towards the marked objective, check behind the scaffolding area where you’ll see a grappling point at the top. Head up there and you’ll find another chest that has 1x Magician’s Bracelet.
    • Climb down the ladder then proceed to the marked objective. You’ll now have to work your way around the narrow platform.
    • Along the way, another Byobapolis enemy will appear. You’ll have to kill it first before continuing forward.
    • Once you cross the other side, the Valkyrie will appear and start to shoot at you.
  • Flight of the Valkyrie, To The Stairs

    • The objective is to take cover behind the structures and crates and wait for it to reload before you move forward. You’ll trigger the next main scenario when you reach the stairs.
    • Dash down the flight of stairs until you reach an open area where you’ll encounter 2x Blast-Ray.
    • After defeating the enemies, make sure you destroy the Shinra boxes that are scattered in the area.
    • Next, climb up another ladder and you’ll encounter 2x Elite Helitrooper at the top. After killing the enemies, jump over the obstacle and use the nearby bench to rest and the vending machine to replenish items if you need to.
    • When you’re ready, head towards the plank on the right side of the vending machine and work your way around the narrow walkway.
    • Before heading up the stairs, go behind it to find a chest containing 1x Remedy.
    • Make sure you have the team equip lightning and wind materia.
    • When you’re ready, head up the stairs to trigger another cutscene.
  • To the Top of the Plate

    • After the short cutscene, continue going up via grappling points until you reach the top of the plate. Another cutscene will trigger once you reach the top.
  • Boss: The Valkyrie

    • You’ll now be fighting against the boss for this chapter, the Valkyrie. This boss is weak against lightning and wind-based attacks.
    • Successfully defeating it rewards you with 1200 EXP, 10 AP, 1200 Gil, and 1x Cog Bangle. This will also complete Chapter 15.

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