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FF7 Remake Chapter 4 Mad Dash Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Chapter 4 Mad Dash Walkthrough

  • Motor Chase

    • At the beginning of this chapter, you’ll rendezvous with Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge. The group will have to maneuver their way through the corkscrew tunnel via motorbikes. This main scenario of the chapter will be divided into two parts, first off is where you’ll encounter Shinra Troops in motorbikes and some mechanical drones. While the other is a mini-boss fight against Roche. If you want to acquire the Trophy: Biker Boy, you must complete the motor chase scenario above a certain amount of health and get praised by Jessie for Cloud’s skill of fighting during the chase.
  • To Sector 7

    • After the motor chase sequence, the group will arrive at their destination. Simply follow the trio and activate the switch to reach the next area.
  • Homecoming

    • You’ll find yourself outside Sector 7 Employee Housing Area, just follow the group towards a house and wait outside the corner of the house as Jessie asks you to. Wait for them to come out to trigger the next objective.
  • The Jessie Job

    • Once you’ve regained control of Cloud, go around the back of the house and head inside from the back door.
    • Open the door that’s on the right side and you’ll find Jessie’s dad who’s sick.
    • There’s a letter that you can read that’s on the floor near the drawer, pick it up and read it.
    • Next, walk up to the yellow hazmat suit that’s hanging on the closet on the right side and grab the Shinra ID Card.
    • Go out of the room, return outside the back side of the house and wait for them at the front of the house.
  • Sector 7-6 Infiltration

    • After the cutscene, the trio meets up with Cloud outside the house and Cloud hands over the ID card to Jessie which she intends to use to infiltrate Sector 7-6 Annex.
    • Follow Wedge and Biggs.
    • Once you reach S7-6 Annex, on the far right side of the lot, you’ll see some metal cargo crates. Around the corner, there’s a chest containing 2x Hi-Potion.
    • If you head down to the stairs on the left side from the metal cargo cates, you’ll find a room at the end of the path where you can trigger a battle training simulation where you can fight some enemies and obtain some EXP, AP, SP, items, and training bonus points. When you’re done, head back up and talk to Biggs.
    • Use the vending machine that Wedge points out and stock up on items if you need to then talk to Biggs again for the next objective.
    • A flashback will then trigger where we see a young Cloud and Tifa in Nibeilheim.
  • A Little Diversion

    • After the cutscene, head to the gate of the facility and you’ll encounter a group of Security Officer  and Grenadier enemies. They’re scattered all over the area, so keep your guard up while you try to rush in and attack them.
    • Once you’ve cleared the troops, a Sentry Launcher will appear and you’ll fight against a Riot Trooper and Elite Security Officer, and shortly after Shock Trooper and Elite Grenadier enemies. As you fight the troops and dodge the missiles from the launchers, Biggs will try to knock down each launcher in the area.
    • After fighting the last enemies, another cutscene will trigger where Cloud gets surrounded by a pack of Guard Dog enemies. Luckily, Wedge comes to the rescue and tries to distract some of them. Simply defeat the Guard Dog enemies.
    • Next, two Sweeper enemies will appear and you’ll be prompted a tutorial on how Summons work. Simply defeat the enemies and another cutscene will trigger.
    • For the next battle, you’ll fight against a boss: Roche, the guy you encountered during the motor chase sequence.
    • At the start of the battle, Roche gives you an Ether to replenish your HP and MP. Which is kind of him to do.
    • Simply defeat him to trigger another cutscene and to obtain the next objective.
  • Rendezvous at the Empty Lot

    • After the cutscene, follow Biggs and rendezvous with Jessie at the empty lot.
  • Return to the Slums

    • Follow Jessie through the compound.
    • Don’t forget to destroy the Shinra boxes you find along the way.
    • Once you reach Sector 7 Plate Edge, pick up the Revival Materia that’s on the left side down the stairs.
    • Follow the group through the facility and another cutscene will trigger where the group will parachute their way through the skies of the area until they reach Sector 7 Slums.
    • Follow Wedge.
    • Head to Jessie’s house in the slums and she’ll give you a Barrier Materia as her remaining payment for the job. Jessie, later on, asks you if you can swing by her place tomorrow night, choose whichever response you want, depending on your preference.
  • Slum Wisdom

    • Return to Cloud\s room and choose “Sleep until tomorrow”.
    • During the night, another cutscene will trigger where Tifa stops by Cloud’s room.
  • Sudden Attack

    • The next morning, Tifa rushes to Cloud’s room and tells him that a swarm of mysterious spectres.
    • These enemies aren’t that strong but they take reduced damage from physical attacks. It is recommended to use spells against it to quickly fill its stagger gauge.
    • Defeat the first group with Tifa, work your way through the area and head to the Seventh Heaven bar.
    • Defeat the next group of spectres outside of the bar and another cutscene will trigger.
  • A New Operation

    • Back at the bar, Jessie gets injured from the sudden attack and Cloud is, once again, paid and ask to join another mission.
    • Before heading to the train station, stock up on supplies if you haven’t, the Sector 7 Station Shop near the train station sells the music disc 4. Barret’s Theme in case you haven’t bought it yet in chapter 3.
    • Head to the station platform and speak to Barret when you’re ready to leave, this completes Chapter 4.
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