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FF7 Remake Damon Quest Guide

FF7 Remake Damon Quest Guide

  1. Corneo’s Secret Stash

1. Corneo’s Secret Stash Quest Walkthrough

Reward: The Art of Swordplay Vol. III, HP, and MP restored

You basically need to complete another side quest to get the item required for this side quest. Complete Tomboy Bandit odd job to get the Corneo Vault Key from Kyrie and Corneo Vault Note from the Guardian Angel. Now we can head off in search of 3 hidden stashes.

Stash Location #1

During your time in the game, you may have come across extensive decorations, the stashes are behind these decorations. The first stash is in the Steel Mountain section near the Chocobo fast travel point. Open the gate with red and golden signs on it and look the chest behind it.

Stash Location #2

The next stash is at the Collapsed Expressway where the Chocobo fast travel point is. Go in the tunnel and take the left at the fork. Look behind the locked gate with the same red and golden sign on it. Very easy to spot.

Stash Location #3

The final stash isn’t found until you reach a certain point in Chapter 14. You reach the location but the water is blocking the path but once you beat Abzu Stoat you’re supposed to follow Leslie up the ladder. However, interact with the console to drain the water instead of following her.

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