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FF7 Remake Paying Respects Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Paying Respects Walkthrough

Paying Respects Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Complete the Weapons on a Rampage side quest.

Talk to man near the weapon shop. You need to go and clear out the graveyard, but you need a key to access it. If you haven’t already, buy the Graveyard Key from The Moogle Emporium unlocked in The Mysterious Moogle Merchant quest. Head to the graveyard to fight and kill Venomantis.

Paying Respects Quest Reward

  • Reward: Studded Bracer Accessory.
  • Hard Mode Reward: Telluric Scriptures Vol. VIII (Aerith SP up)

Paying Respects Objectives

  1. The man Cloud helped thinks the merc may have what it takes to assist a guy he knows. Meet with a glum-looking old man outside the weapons shop.
  2. A monster infestation in the graveyard is preventing the man from visiting his wife’s resting place. Cloud can clear out the monster, but first he’ll need a key to the graveyard. Oates may know how to help.
  3. Cloud has already bought the graveyard key from the Moogle Emporium, head to the graveyard near Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills.
  4. The two defeated the monster in the graveyard and Aerith pays her respects. Report back to the old man.
  5. The old man claims to not even have the strength to make it to his wife’s resting place, but Cloud’s needling may have given him a second wind.
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