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FF7 Remake The Angel of the Slums Walkthrough

FF7 Remake The Angel of the Slums Walkthrough

The Angel of the Slums Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Complete the Kids on Patrol quest and then return to Oates in the kids’ hideout.

Talk to the marked man, Damon. Talk to the NPC in the community center and return. Head to the marked spot on the map to fight Chromogger, a challenging enemy at this stage of the game. Bring thunder magic!

The Angel of the Slums Quest Reward

  • 2,000 Gil
  • HP and MP restored

The Angel of the Slums Objectives

  1. A man in front of the community center is in need of some assistance. Talk to him.
  2. A reporter wants help collecting information on the slums’ Guardian Angel. Inquire inside the community center.
  3. Cloud meets Mireille, a well-informed slum citizen who has intel on the Guardian Angel. Return to the reporter
  4. Mireille claims that the Guardian Angel’s hideout is at Lookout Point just beyond the alley. The reporter asks Cloud to investigate.
  5. The Guardian Angel was not at Lookout Point, but a vicious friend was. Take a look around the area and search for clues to the Angel’s whereabouts
  6. Cloud found a calling card from the Angel of the Slums. Report back to the journalist
  7. It seems the Angel was trying to throw the pesky journalist oof their scent. The party has been led on a wild goose chase, but Mireille gives them a little something for their troubles.

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