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FF7 Remake Wymer Quest Guide

FF7 Remake Wymer Quest Guide

  1. On the Prowl Quest
  2. Subterranean Menace

1. On the Prowl Quest Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Rat Problems.

The next side quest Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is On the Prowl. Speak to Wymer after completing the “Rat Problem” side mission.  Your objective is to go to the Scrap Boulevard and battle the Wrath Hound.  There is a short path to the right of Waymer, the Wrath Hound is at the far end of the area.

Battle the Wrath and at a certain point, the dog will run away. Chase after the dog and you will find Wymer who’ll tell you that he chased it down a different path. Go under the gate with the yellow tape and follow the path to reach Wrath Hound. Beat the hound and go speak with Wymer.

On the Prowl Quest Reward

Return to Wymer and tell him the hound is taken care of for these rewards:

  • An Elixir
  • HP and MP restored

2. Subterranean Menace Quest Walkthrough

Speak to Wymer near the entrance to Sector 7 to hear of a dangerous new monster. Head to the underground lab dungeon that you visited earlier in the story, and work through it in reverse. Fight your way through, and at the end you’ll find a newly opened arena. Head inside to fight the Type-0 Behemoth.

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You can steal an Enchanted Ring from this optional boss, and when killed it drops the Behemoth Horn for the Secret Medicine quest. Return to Wymer for an additional reward.

Subterranean Menace Quest Reward

  • Wrecking Ball
  • HP and MP restored

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