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FIFA 21 Controls: PS4, Xbox One & PC Controller

FIFA 21 Controls PS4, Xbox One & PC Controller

Here are all the list of default FIFA 21 controls. This guide shows you the complete list of controls/buttons for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Every control option on the PlayStation, Xbox and PC version of FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Movement Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Move PlayerL (direction)L (direction)
SprintR2 (hold)RT (hold)
First Touch / Knock-OnR2 + R (direction)RT + R (direction)
Stop and Face GoalL + (no direction) + L1L + (no direction) + LB
Strafe DribbleL1 + LLB + L
Agile DribbleR1 + LRB + L
Stop the BallR2 + (no direction)RT + (no direction)
Jostle (Ball in the Air)L2LT
Skill MovesRR
Slow DribbleL2 + R2 + L (direction)LT + RT + L (direction)

FIFA 21 Defence Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Change PlayerL1LB
Manual Change PlayerR (direction)R (direction)
Tackle / Push or Pull (when chasing)OB
Hard TackleO (press and hold)B (press and hold)
Instant Hard TackleR1 + ORB + B
Slide TackleSquareX
Quick Get Up (after a slide tackle)SquareX
ContainX (hold)A (hold)
Teammate ContainR1 (hold)RB (hold)
Shield / JockeyL2 (hold)LT (hold)
Running JockeyL2 (hold) + R2 (hold)LT (hold) + RT (hold)
Shoulder Challenge / Seal-OutL2 (tap)LT (tap)
Engage Shielding OpponentL2 + L (towards shielding dribbler)LT + L (towards shielding dribbler)
Pull and Hold (when chasing)O (hold)B (hold)
Rush Goalkeeper OutTriangleY
Goalkeeper Cross InterceptTriangle + Triangle (press and hold)Y + Y (press and hold)

FIFA 21 Attack Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Protect BallL2LT
Ground Pass / HeaderXA
Driven Ground PassR1 + XRB + A
Lofted Ground PassX + XA + A
Pass and GoL1 + XLB + A
Pass and MoveX + R (direction, hold)A + R (direction, hold)
Flair PassL2 + XLT + A
Lob Pass / Cross / HeaderSquareX
Through BallTriangleY
Lofted Through PassTriangle + TriangleY + Y
Threaded Through BallR1 + TriangleRB + Y
Lob Through BallL1 + TriangleLB + Y
Driven Lobbed Through PassL1 + R1 + TriangleLB + RB + Y
High Lob / High CrossL1 + SquareLB + X
Driven Lob Pass / Driven CrossR1 + SquareRB + X
Ground CrossSquare + SquareX + X
Whipped CrossL1 + R1 + SquareLB + RB + X
Driven Ground CrossR1 + Square + SquareRB + X + X
Fake PassSquare then X + directionX then A + direction
Flair LobL2 + SquareLT + X
Dummy a PassL + (no direction) + R1 (press and hold)L + (no direction) + RB (press and hold)
Shoot / Header / VolleyOB
Timed ShotO + O (timed)B + B (timed)
Chip ShotL1 + OLB + B
Finesse ShotR1 + ORB + B
Low Shot / Downward HeaderL1 + R1 + O (tap)LB + RB + B (tap)
Fake ShotO then X + directionB then A + direction
Flair ShotL2 + OLT + B
Flick Up for VolleyR3R3
Disguised First TouchR1 (press and hold) + L (towards the ball)RB (press and hold) + L (towards the ball)
Set Up TouchR1 + R (hold in a direction)RB + R (hold in a direction)
Directional RunsL1 (tap) + R (flick in any direction)LB (tap) + R (flick in any direction)
Trigger Teammate RunL1LB
Call for SupportR1RB
Cancel Foul AdvantageL2 + R2LT + RT
Hard Super CancelL1 + R1 + L2 + R2LB + RB + LT + RT
Player LockL + RL + R
Switch Player LockL (flick in any direction)L (flick in any direction)
Let Ball RunR1 (hold) + L (away from the ball)RB (hold) + L (away from the ball)

FIFA 21 Goalkeeper Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Switch to GoalkeeperTouchPadView
Drop BallTriangleY
Drop KickO or SquareB + X
Throw / PassXA
Pick Up BallR1RB
Driven ThrowR1 + XRB + A
Driven KickR1 + SquareRB + X
Move GoalkeeperR3 (press and hold) + RR3 (press and hold) + R
Goalkeeper Cover Far PostR3 (press and hold)R3 (press and hold)

FIFA 21 Free Kick Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Move Kick TakerRR
Time Your ShotO + OB + B (timed)
Curled ShotO or R (hold downwards)B or R (hold downwards)
Apply Curl During Run UpRR
Driven ShotL1 + OLB + B
Ground PassXA
Lob Pass / CrossSquareX
Wall JumpTriangleY
Wall ChargeXA
Move WallL2 or R2LT or RT
Select Kick TakerR2RT
Add Kick TakerR1 or L1RB or LT
Move GoalkeeperSquare or OX or B
Call 2nd Kick TakerL2LT
2nd Kick Taker Curled ShotL2 + OLT + B
2nd Kick Taker Layoff PassL2 + XLT + A
2nd Kick Taker Layoff ChipL2 + SquareLT + X
2nd Kick Taker Run Over BallL2 + O then XLT + B then A
Call 3rd Kick TakerR1RB
3rd Kick Taker Curled ShotR1 + ORB + B
3rd Kick Taker Run Over BallR1 + O then XRB + B then A

FIFA 21 Corners and Throw-ins Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Lob Cross (Corners)SquareX
Pass (Corners)XA
Aim KickLL
Apply Kick PowerSquareX
Turn Aim Indicator On/OffUpUp
Display Corner TacticsDownDown
Run Far PostDown then UpDown then Up
Edge of Box RunDown then RightDown then Right
Crowd the GoalkeeperDown then LeftDown then Left
Run Near PostDown then DownDown then Down
Move Along the Line (Throw-ins)LL
Short Throw-inXA
Manual Short Throw-inTriangleY
Long Throw-inSquare or X (press and hold)X or A (press and hold)
Fake ThrowSquare + X or X + SquareX + A or A + X

FIFA 21 Penalties Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Move Kick TakerRR
Finesse ShotR1 + ORB + B
Chip ShotL1 + OLB +B
Select Kick TakerR2RT
Turn Aim Indicator On/OffUpUp
Goalkeeper Move Side to SideL (direction)L (direction)
Goalkeeper DiveR (direction)R (direction)
Goalkeeper GesturesX / O / Square / TriangleA / B / X / Y

FIFA 21 Tactics Controls

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Display Attacking TacticsUpUp
Get in the BoxUp, UpUp, Up
Attacking Full BacksUp, RightUp, Right
Hug SidelineUp, LeftUp, Left
Extra StrikerUp, DownUp, Down
Display Defending TacticsDownDown
Striker Drop BackDown, UpDown, Up
Team PressDown, RightDown, Right
Overload Ball SideDown, LeftDown, Left
Offside TrapDown, DownDown, Down
Change Game PlanLeft or RightLeft or Right
Quick SubstitutesR2RT

FIFA 21 Volta Football Controls

These are the additional controls that you need to know to master the Volta Football game mode on FIFA 21.

ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Simple Skill MovesL1 (press and hold) + L (direction)LB (press and hold) + L (direction)
Simple FlicksR3 + L (direction)R3 + L (direction)
TauntsL + (no direction) + R2 (pull and hold)L + (no direction) + RT (pull and hold)
Change Mentality (Tactic)Left or RightLeft or Right
Hard TackleSquareX

FIFA 21 Be A Pro Controls

In Be A Pro, you’ll spend a lot of your time off of the ball when your team is in possession: in the table below, you can find all of the attacking off of the ball controls in FIFA 21 when you’re controlling one player.

Further down, you can find the additional goalkeeper controls on FIFA 21’s Be A Pro.

Outfielder ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Call for a PassXA
Call for or Suggest a Through PassTriangleY
Suggest ShotOB
Call for Driven Ground PassR1 + XRB + A
Call for Threaded Through PassR1 + TriangleRB + Y
Call for Lobbed Through PassL1 + TriangleLB + Y
Call for Far Lobbed Through PassL1 + R1 + TriangleLB + RB + Y
Call for CrossSquareX
Call for Ground CrossR1 + SquareRB + X
Call for High CrossL1 + SquareLB + X
Goalkeeper ActionPS4 ControlsXbox One Controls
Call for or Suggest a PassXA
Suggest a Through PassTriangleY
Suggest a CrossSquareX
Suggest a ShotOB
Toggle Camera TargetTouchPadView
DiveR (hold in direction)R (hold in direction)
Automatic PositioningL1 (press and hold)LB (press and hold)
2nd Defender ContainR1 (press and hold)RB (press and hold)

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